Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Live Healthy: Update #8

I have been feeling rather motivated these past two weeks. It must be because my birthday and spring is near. 

Gym-ming throughout winter has given me some extra confidence. I’d love to be wearing a bikini this December. Although the exercising has toned some muscle and provided me with a good base to continue, I feel the “flab” and extra fatty tissue is covering everything and hiding all my hard work. I am planning to focus on what I am currently eating and make sure I only give my body what it needs. No more winter comfort foods and unnecessary sugars (that is my weakness).

I have also been concentrating on keeping my muscles engaged when doing exercises. This means keeping them tight at all times, getting the most out of each movement. If you try this, you will feel your muscles burn a lot sooner in your rep count than if you were just going with the flow like usual.

I have also been focussing on keeping my posture accurate to prevent injuries. Ballet dancers make me so envious but I admire the strong posture they carry. I can only try get to 10% of their grace and poise.

Drinking an adequate amount of water is still an issue for me at the moment. I prefer my cup of coffee (with two sugars, eek!) although lately, with all the gym visits, my body has been nagging for more liquids. I have obediently complied with its demands.

There are only 5 months left of this year and I am feeling a bit panicky. I honestly thought I would be further in my Live Healthy quest but as they say, there’s no time like the present, so I am not afraid to play a little game of catch up and work my butt off.

Here’s some inspiration that has kept me going.
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Are you excited that Spring is just a month and a half away?

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