Thursday, 31 January 2013

Essence's "Night in Vegas" Nail art topper

My new favourite polish is Essence's special effect nail art topper in 08 "night in Vegas". Every time I paint my nails I just cannot resist applying one coat of this to add character to otherwise lifeless polish.

The best way to describe this polish: Stunning nail art flakes with a unique multi colour changing shimmer. Photo's do not do this polish justice. I suggest taking the opportunity to see the polish in person. I purchased my "night in vegas" at Dis-Chem for an extremely affordable price of R24.95.

(Above) I applied two coats of Tip Top's "Fantasy" and one coat of the very purdy nail art topper. I give you permission to go completely overboard and apply 3-4 layers if you'd like! I was honestly too distracted by the sparkles that I didn't take any note of drying time.

After trying this polish, I have been persuaded to try out the other nail art toppers that Essence has to offer and at such a low price, I don't see why I can't have them all!

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What do you think?

Miss Claira-Bella


Monday, 28 January 2013

A little TLC

I was really excited when I was contacted by the PR company for TLC. I have admired their products through other beauty blogs on the internet machine for over a year but never got a chance to purchase products of my own. Getting to try the new and improved brand was certainly overdue.

My little package contained TLC's 3 in 1 deep cleanse make-up remover facial wipes with chamomile extract.  I have previously mentioned, in my Johnsons facial wipes video, that I don't particularly like facial wipes because I don't feel that they 'deep clean' my skin. Never the less I was intrigued by the ingredients in these wipes which are specifically designed for removing stubborn make-up.

My 3 in 1 makeup removing wipes.
These wipes contain your cleanser, toner and moisturizer making it a very handy 3 in 1 for those days when you really don't have time for a full skin care routine (even though they are really important). These wipes are particularly useful when you have a late night with the girls, only get home at 3am and you have to be at work at 7am. Wipe, sleep, get up and go!

I was really impressed at the gentle nature of the actual material of the wipe. A huge difference if I compare it to Johnsons facial wipes. The material is of thinner quality but I personally prefer a thin soft wipe to a thick rough one. My skin does not feel irritated after using the TLC wipes and they were gentle enough to use around delicate areas like my eyes and lips.

As for removing traces of old make-up, these are fantastic! I hate wipes that cannot remove stubborn cosmetics like waterproof mascara or really strong lip stains. TLC has passed the test in my bathroom when removing my day's make-up. I don't have to scrub or put too much pressure when going over my skin. If you do have really stubborn marks then just gently go over that area a few times.

Unfortunately these TLC 3 in 1 facial wipes don't get my 100% approval because they do contain one paraben ingredient. This however was balanced out a little bit by a very pretty "No animal testing" stamp I saw on the packaging.

Overall, I find these wipes very gentle and I am way more inclined to use them if I have a lazy day but I have not been converted to only using wipes. After feeling the quality of this product I will definitely look at investing in more TLC products like face washes and moisturizers.

Look out for another product review tomorrow which is going to be aimed at ladies intimate hygiene ;)

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Miss Claira-Bella


Friday, 25 January 2013

Accessorize's Paradise Eye Shadow Palette

Here is my last eye shadow palette review for this week. I picked this bright Accessorize palette from Click's cosmetic sale for a ridiculous price of R30! Its called "Paradise" and I find the name perfect for the selection of colours it offers.
How stunning is the cover!? Accessorize is know for pretty packaging and it's honestly a nice change. I can imagine hanging an entire collection, of just accessorize products, on a magnetic makeup board to add pizazz to my room. 

I am also a huge fan of the sponge applicators. I don't usually use them but I find the long handle, and the fact that there is one side for every colour (I'm OCD like that), very handy.

As for the actual pigmentation, I find it lacking but for a R30 palette I really don't mid applying a few layers to achieve the desired brightness. I also think a really good eye shadow primer would help.

Overall I am in love with the bright colours and I will wear them contuniously as I bid farewell to summer.

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Do you have any Accessorize recommendations?

Miss Claira-Bella


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Revlon's Glamour Girl Eye Shadow Palette

This year I have been trying to invest in eye shadow palettes more as it saves a lot of space when it comes to an ever increasing cosmetic collection. At the Clicks cosmetic sale earlier this month, I spotted this gem by Revlon. It is an 8 colour eye shadow palette called "Glamour Girl and it was a steal at only R50!
Initially, I wasn't going to purchase it but after seeing the prices of regular palettes, I just had have it. After getting home, inspecting and swatching, I knew I made a good decision. All the colours are amazingly pigmented and have an alluring shimmer. Glamour girl is an apt name for a palette like this. 

Revlon is a great brand with great quality cosmetics. This palette proves it. My favourite colours would be the copper colours as well as the bright blue and olive green!

Knowing what I know now, if I spotted this on the shelves, I wouldn't mind paying the full price. I'm so happy I have these colours to work with on a night out or even spicing up an otherwise bland office look.

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You likey?

Miss Claira-Bella


Avon's Nailwear Pro+ - "Arctic Waters"

How gorgeous is this colour!?
Arctic Waters
I have been collecting many "firsts" lately and this is my first Avon polish. I am currently obsessed with this nailwear pro polish. It has the most beautiful deep blue shimmer which make me stare in a stupid gaze for a few minutes until I snap out of it. Seriously, love it!

The bristles of this polish are very firm which makes application really easy because you can guide them where ever you want them to go. It unfortunately does not have a rounded edge but I did not find it difficult to work with.

Drying time and durability was average. Chipping was visible from day 4.

Overall this is a stunning polish and I hope to see more great products from Avon.

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Do you have any Avon polishes?

Miss Claira-Bella


Monday, 21 January 2013

NYX's Runway Collection Eye Shadow Palette

I cannot believe it has taken me so long to purchase my first ever NYX product since it launched exclusively to Clicks stores, last year. I went bold and decided to buy an eye shadow palette to kick off my NYX collection.
I chose "Jazz Nights", from The Runway Collection, because it has warm brown and copper tones which is what I'd like to stock up on for winter. I was really impressed with the pigmentation of each eye shadow. Very vibrant, warm and versatile.

This palette has the perfect balance of shimmer and matte shadows. I love that the colours still pop even in low lighting and they aren't overpowering in bright lighting. 

I have been playing around with a few eyeshadow combinations and the one thing I noticed immediately was how easy they all blended together. This made application a dream!

I am really happy with this eye shadow palette and will definitely be purchasing more. I have my eye set on NYX's eye shadow primer, which is a must have in my collection!

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Do you have any NYX products to recommend?

Miss Claira-Bella


Friday, 18 January 2013

O.P.I's new liquid sand technology!

I just cannot wait to get my hands on these amazing new polishes from Mariah Carey's O.P.I collection! It's the new liquid sand technology and it is definitely a trend that will stick around for years.


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What do you think about this new polish?

Miss Claira-Bella

*All images from Google

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Live Healthy: Chicken Wraps

One of my Boyfriend's favourite foods are wraps. It's quite convenient that we eat chicken wraps often and they are a really healthy dinner alternative to heavier, more hearty foods. Here is what we usually put in wraps and how you can make your own.

We usually just use salad left overs in our wraps. Lettuce and tomatoes that are coming to the end of their shelf live are perfect for wraps. Using chicken cubes or chicken strips is a personal preference. I find that chopping the chicken into cubes, makes it go further than using strips. We add a small amount of chicken spice when frying our chicken, to add some flavour, and we spread a tiny layer of mayonnaise to give it a tangy taste. 

A healthier version; just add everything without spices or sauce. Another great idea is to add some plain low fat yogurt. Delish!

Add all your ingredients, in no particular order, wrap and eat! 

Healthy, low fat foods, can be quite pricey but I got all these ingredients for around R100, which is a complete bargain considering you can make 6 wraps. 

As I am in the beginning of my live healthy transition, I haven't cut out the mayo, but I find this way better than eating KFC or tons of starch for every meal.

Let me know how you like to eat your wraps. I'd love to try new ingredients.

Miss Claira-Bella


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Friday, 11 January 2013

Live Healthy: The Basics

My first week of living healthy has flown by really quickly and this post gives me the opportunity to reflect on what I have achieved and what I did completely wrong. I will also be sharing the basics on how I plan to get into healthy habits during 2013 for a lifestyle I can live with till I'm a hot grandma.


I recently landed up with a R500 Mr.Price gift card and found inspiration to go shopping at Mr.Price Sport, to see what they could offer and fuel my live healthy habits. Boy was I shocked at how cheap their equipment was, compared to other sports warehouses I have been to.
Note: my mat is purple, to match my dumbbells :)
I picked up a yoga mat for my toning exercises as well as some yoga moves I plan to try out next week. It was only R179.00 and it is really great quality considering the price. Soft on the hands and knees and it beats lying on the hard floor when you do crunches.
Then I spotted some dumbbells, which I was not planning on buying, but they were a steal at R29.99 (1kg) and R59.99 (2kg's) each. I decided to buy one pair of each, for more of a home gym experience.


I have been trying out some routines from Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up on YouTube. They come up with simple yet effective routines that are easy enough to do at home in under 30min. Can I just say these ladies are beyond fit, they are machines!!

Water, water, water!

Everyone knows that water is really important for our bodies yet we always find a substitute to avoid the 'bland' taste. I am already in a habit of not drinking fizzy cold drinks because I know how terrible they are so water and I are pretty good friends (but not best friends).
Thanks to the crazy heat wave in Gauteng this week, I have been filling my 2litre of water a day quota which makes me feel pretty good about myself *YAY*. My body can now flush out more toxins and I will hopefully see a difference in water retention in my thighs (they feel huge!). I just hope that once it gets cooler, I will still find the urge to drink tons of water. Good habits!

I need chocolate...

Lets all just remind ourselves every now and then that we are only human! I did, after eating a chocolate brownie avalanche from KFC this week. I have also been snacking on far too much sugary foods but if I get rid of all sugar, my body would probably go into shock. Take it slow :)

Damn you, Avalanche!!

That's all I have for this week's update. I will be uploading a few recipes next week that I have fallen in love with and will also chat about working out as a beginner!
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Live Healthy!

Miss Claira-Bella


Thursday, 10 January 2013

Rimmel's "Reality Chic" nail polish

Here is another pretty polish review and it is on Rimmel London's Lycra Pro nail polish in "Reality Chic".

This has become one of my favourite colours to wear this time of year but I have restrained myself from wearing it too often as it is more of a rich wintry colour. I find a warm feeling of sophistication with this beautiful oxblood-red nail polish and I think that it can be quite a powerful statement worn by a strong woman around the office (if there are no strict rules prohibiting bold colours in the office).

Application was a dream with the curved bristles and the non-gooey formula. The bristles are also quite thick so it grabs just the right amount of polish for each nail.

Drying time was average and slight chipping occurred after 3 days but note that I did not apply a top coat. After wearing the polish for a day, I experimented with another pretty polish which was "Lovely Sinner" from Catrice's Welcome to Las Vegas collection. The results were stunning!! I really fell in love with the light sparkle of the glitter which also contributed to making a softer, more feminine, finish to the nails.

I know it's really early to think about but this is definitely going to be a staple colour in my wardrobe and beauty collection in winter. I love it!!

You should be able to find this polish at any Rimmel London stand at Clicks, Dis-Chem or even EdgarsFollow me on Twitter and like my Facebook page. I am also on Instagram so follow me for more pretty polishes :)

Miss Claira-Bella


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My O.P.I Pedicure

Here is the follow up post to "My O.P.I manicure" and more reviews on the products that were sent my way. I was sent a few really great foot care products from O.P.I's "Feet by O.P.I" range. 

Without further blabbering, here is my O.P.I pedicure!
Many ladies that I know, spend tons of money on hand and nail care products (this includes myself) but what about foot care products? One of the worst 'cringe moments' is seeing a really pretty lady with really pretty sandles but she has really neglected, dry, flaky feet.

Only once testing the Feet by O.P.I products, did I realise that foot care products are just as important as facial cleansers and moisturisers. A daily foot-care routine is something that I will try incorporate in my beauty routine.

So for my pedicure, I first scrubbed my feet with the callus file. I wanted to skip this step completely because I don't really have rough patches/callus's on my feet and felt like my skin would just get damaged but the clever O.P.I peeps have put two different grains on the foot file. There is a rough side and a more gentle side. I immediately grabbed the softer grain and filed the rough patches on my heels.

Then I soaked my feet in warm water, pushed the cuticles of my toe nails back and moisturised my feet with the double coverage lotion in the foot care range. I waited for the lotion to sink in and be absorbed by my very thirty skin. After the lotion was mostly absorbed, I took two fingers and ran them along the sides of my feet to feel for any rough patches that the file didn't get to and then applied O.P.I's callus therapy. Again, I don't have callus's but this lotion has extra moisturising properties to soften stubborn patches of skin.

Onto the actual painting of the nails, make sure there is no lotion or oil on the nail otherwise the polish wont stick to the nail and it will chip really fast. I suggest taking some nail polish remover and a cotton ball and gently sweep across each nail before applying any polish.

 I started with O.P.I's Start to Finish Base and Top Coat. I really love 2 in 1 bottles like this one because you don't have to spend money on a base coat and a separate top coat. I applied one coat of the Start to Finish Base and Top coat. Application was really and dried fairy quickly.
I then applied two coats of O.P.I's "Fly" which is a beautiful teal-ish blue colour from Nicki Minaj's O.P.I collection. Application was a but trickier around my cuticle area and because it's quite a dark colour, any mistakes show easily but after fixing the mistakes the polish had a really beautiful look to it.
I feel that this polish needs a small amount of nail art to make it a bit softer. View my poppy nail art design here, where I use Fly by O.P.I. After I reached my desired colour, I applied one coat of the Start to Finish Base and Top Coat to ensure that there is minimal chipping and the pedicure lasts longer.

I really feel after using all the products above, I have really pretty, sandle ready, feet. I will definitely be using these products throughout the rest of summer as well as during winter.

You cand find these products at Selected Salons, Edgars, Stuttafords and Clicks Stores. Go ahead and like O.P.I on Facebook as well as follow them on Twitter. Do the same for me here and here. Don't forget to subscribe by email in the block in the top right corner of this page.

Thanks so much to O.P.I and Twincare for letting me experience their amazing products!

Miss Claira-Bella


Friday, 4 January 2013

In my sample basket: African Extracts

A sample that I recently got to try out is the beautiful African Extracts Rooibos Hand and Body Lotion.

I am forever passing the African Extract products in Clicks and Dis-Chem and saying "Ah! I still need to try those products" but never do so I am really glad I received this sample (can't remember exactly where I got it from).

What I loved

I love that there is a huge 'Paraben free' notice on the back of my sample. There are always mixed feelings about the ingredient but I prefer products that do not contain paraben's.

Another great thing that makes this product unique is the Rooibos ingredient. It helps protect skin against free radicals and promote healthy skin. The tissue oil helps to re-hydrate and nourish dry damaged skin.

What I disliked

There isn't really anything I dislike other than my sample didn't contain enough lotion because I used it so often and now it's finished :(

I really love how this lotion made my skin feel and smell. It really is a unique lotion and I would love to purchase their affordable full size products and also get to try their facial range.

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Have you tried African Extracts?

Miss Claira-Bella

Christmas giveaway winner: Thea's hamper

Here is the lovely Thea who won one of the hampers in my Christmas Giveaway in November.

Thanks so much Thea, for sharing this picture and I'm so happy you love your goodies!

Click here to see her cute entry which won her the hamper.

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Miss Claira-Bella


Thursday, 3 January 2013

2013 Resolution: Live Healthy

When thinking about the resolutions I'd like to make for 2012, I came up with a whole page full of inspiring thoughts, daily tasks as well as silly notions that would make me feel better about myself and the world I live in.

Yes, those little reminders are needed throughout the year and do actually do some good in people's lives but who really follows them, religiously? I highly dislike making empty promises to myself so I decided to cut the crap and just make one resolutions for 2013, to live healthy!

I'm not talking about being a supermodel and only eating salad for the rest of the year. It's more about making a conscious effort to better my health and improve my fitness. Ideally, I'd love to be the weight and fitness level as I was back in high school.

2008, back in high school
I am 15 Kg's heavier than I was in high school. When I think about it, its not really a bad thing but what bugs me is that I gained it for no reason other than being lazy and eating far to much junk food!

Losing weight was my goal throughout 2011 and most of 2012 but I have realised that the whole mindset around those two words (losing weight) are so depressing because it means, in one way or another, I think I'm fat, which I'm not.

So my goal and resolution for 2013 is to be healthier, happier and have a better opinion of my self image than I did in 2012!

Later this month I will start posting weekly journal-like posts on how I feel, my fitness transformation, tips on how you can be healthier and affordable recipes that you can try. The journal posts will also encourage me to stick to my resolution because I'll have you to cheer me on!

Here's to a healthier 2013!!

Miss Claira-Bella


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

"So much fawn" with Sally Hansen's Salon Manicure

I am so happy to be doing nail polish reviews again! I took a little while to buy some new polishes and give my collection a small 'face lift'. 

Starting off with a bang, in this post I will be reviewing Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure in the colour "So much fawn".

This is the first ever Complete Salon Manicure product I have tried from Sally Hansen so I was very excited when I knew I could finally try it out. The Complete Salon Manicure is one of the most popular of the Sally Hansen brand so there was obviously no reason for me not to have high expectations.

Firstly, I was expecting a smooth application and an 'easy to hold' applicator, seeing as it is a salon quality polish. Both matched and exceeded my expectations. The brush has a rounded edge which you will find in pricier polishes on the shelves nowadays. The thicker bristles also made it easy to apply streak free layers.

I had to apply two coats to achieve the colour you see in the bottle but you can apply one coat to get to a lighter shade. Drying time was pretty average but I think it'll be a great combination with proper quick dry polish drops, that you often find in salons.

Overall I really love the colour, the application was simple and while I was waiting for the layers to dry it didn't chip or smudge. I will definitely be buying some more in the future (Dis-Chem has a really great selection of colours). Prices vary from store to salon but you can expect to pay between R90 and R120 per bottle :)

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Any colour recommendations or requests?

Miss Claira-Bella


P.S. The smaller image is what my nails looked like after 6 days. There were a few chips but I love the durability. Apply a top coat for an even longer wear time.