Wednesday, 2 January 2013

"So much fawn" with Sally Hansen's Salon Manicure

I am so happy to be doing nail polish reviews again! I took a little while to buy some new polishes and give my collection a small 'face lift'. 

Starting off with a bang, in this post I will be reviewing Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure in the colour "So much fawn".

This is the first ever Complete Salon Manicure product I have tried from Sally Hansen so I was very excited when I knew I could finally try it out. The Complete Salon Manicure is one of the most popular of the Sally Hansen brand so there was obviously no reason for me not to have high expectations.

Firstly, I was expecting a smooth application and an 'easy to hold' applicator, seeing as it is a salon quality polish. Both matched and exceeded my expectations. The brush has a rounded edge which you will find in pricier polishes on the shelves nowadays. The thicker bristles also made it easy to apply streak free layers.

I had to apply two coats to achieve the colour you see in the bottle but you can apply one coat to get to a lighter shade. Drying time was pretty average but I think it'll be a great combination with proper quick dry polish drops, that you often find in salons.

Overall I really love the colour, the application was simple and while I was waiting for the layers to dry it didn't chip or smudge. I will definitely be buying some more in the future (Dis-Chem has a really great selection of colours). Prices vary from store to salon but you can expect to pay between R90 and R120 per bottle :)

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Any colour recommendations or requests?

Miss Claira-Bella


P.S. The smaller image is what my nails looked like after 6 days. There were a few chips but I love the durability. Apply a top coat for an even longer wear time.


  1. I also have this colour and it does apply well and actually dries. I have another shade - can't recall the name now, but it just never seems to harden - so it smudges and smears as soon as you do anything. I know Chicara had a similar experience with the colour she tried. But for some strange reason, with this So Much Fawn colour I had no problems....ODD! It's a beautiful colour and your nails are always so impeccably done! Beautiful!

    1. To think of it, I actually have a few polishes from certain brands that are unpredictable when it comes to drying time. You'd think they use the exact same formula. Also, depending on the colour, you may just notice chips etc more than with darker colours.
      Thanks so much fro the sweet compliments!


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