Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Live Healthy: Chicken Wraps

One of my Boyfriend's favourite foods are wraps. It's quite convenient that we eat chicken wraps often and they are a really healthy dinner alternative to heavier, more hearty foods. Here is what we usually put in wraps and how you can make your own.

We usually just use salad left overs in our wraps. Lettuce and tomatoes that are coming to the end of their shelf live are perfect for wraps. Using chicken cubes or chicken strips is a personal preference. I find that chopping the chicken into cubes, makes it go further than using strips. We add a small amount of chicken spice when frying our chicken, to add some flavour, and we spread a tiny layer of mayonnaise to give it a tangy taste. 

A healthier version; just add everything without spices or sauce. Another great idea is to add some plain low fat yogurt. Delish!

Add all your ingredients, in no particular order, wrap and eat! 

Healthy, low fat foods, can be quite pricey but I got all these ingredients for around R100, which is a complete bargain considering you can make 6 wraps. 

As I am in the beginning of my live healthy transition, I haven't cut out the mayo, but I find this way better than eating KFC or tons of starch for every meal.

Let me know how you like to eat your wraps. I'd love to try new ingredients.

Miss Claira-Bella



  1. We also do wraps quite often, especially when we can't decide what else to make for dinner. :) Yum! I used to eat mine with avo, cheese, chicken, mayo and whatever salad stuff we currently had.

  2. Chicken and Avocado wraps are also really yummy! It's so convenient that you can use leftover salad :) Thanks for sharing your tips :)


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