Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My O.P.I Pedicure

Here is the follow up post to "My O.P.I manicure" and more reviews on the products that were sent my way. I was sent a few really great foot care products from O.P.I's "Feet by O.P.I" range. 

Without further blabbering, here is my O.P.I pedicure!
Many ladies that I know, spend tons of money on hand and nail care products (this includes myself) but what about foot care products? One of the worst 'cringe moments' is seeing a really pretty lady with really pretty sandles but she has really neglected, dry, flaky feet.

Only once testing the Feet by O.P.I products, did I realise that foot care products are just as important as facial cleansers and moisturisers. A daily foot-care routine is something that I will try incorporate in my beauty routine.

So for my pedicure, I first scrubbed my feet with the callus file. I wanted to skip this step completely because I don't really have rough patches/callus's on my feet and felt like my skin would just get damaged but the clever O.P.I peeps have put two different grains on the foot file. There is a rough side and a more gentle side. I immediately grabbed the softer grain and filed the rough patches on my heels.

Then I soaked my feet in warm water, pushed the cuticles of my toe nails back and moisturised my feet with the double coverage lotion in the foot care range. I waited for the lotion to sink in and be absorbed by my very thirty skin. After the lotion was mostly absorbed, I took two fingers and ran them along the sides of my feet to feel for any rough patches that the file didn't get to and then applied O.P.I's callus therapy. Again, I don't have callus's but this lotion has extra moisturising properties to soften stubborn patches of skin.

Onto the actual painting of the nails, make sure there is no lotion or oil on the nail otherwise the polish wont stick to the nail and it will chip really fast. I suggest taking some nail polish remover and a cotton ball and gently sweep across each nail before applying any polish.

 I started with O.P.I's Start to Finish Base and Top Coat. I really love 2 in 1 bottles like this one because you don't have to spend money on a base coat and a separate top coat. I applied one coat of the Start to Finish Base and Top coat. Application was really and dried fairy quickly.
I then applied two coats of O.P.I's "Fly" which is a beautiful teal-ish blue colour from Nicki Minaj's O.P.I collection. Application was a but trickier around my cuticle area and because it's quite a dark colour, any mistakes show easily but after fixing the mistakes the polish had a really beautiful look to it.
I feel that this polish needs a small amount of nail art to make it a bit softer. View my poppy nail art design here, where I use Fly by O.P.I. After I reached my desired colour, I applied one coat of the Start to Finish Base and Top Coat to ensure that there is minimal chipping and the pedicure lasts longer.

I really feel after using all the products above, I have really pretty, sandle ready, feet. I will definitely be using these products throughout the rest of summer as well as during winter.

You cand find these products at Selected Salons, Edgars, Stuttafords and Clicks Stores. Go ahead and like O.P.I on Facebook as well as follow them on Twitter. Do the same for me here and here. Don't forget to subscribe by email in the block in the top right corner of this page.

Thanks so much to O.P.I and Twincare for letting me experience their amazing products!

Miss Claira-Bella


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  1. Can you please pass me along the pedicure set? ;) I have extremely dry skin, so my feet are much worst :( They are cracked and looks like a dried up field!


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