Thursday, 10 January 2013

Rimmel's "Reality Chic" nail polish

Here is another pretty polish review and it is on Rimmel London's Lycra Pro nail polish in "Reality Chic".

This has become one of my favourite colours to wear this time of year but I have restrained myself from wearing it too often as it is more of a rich wintry colour. I find a warm feeling of sophistication with this beautiful oxblood-red nail polish and I think that it can be quite a powerful statement worn by a strong woman around the office (if there are no strict rules prohibiting bold colours in the office).

Application was a dream with the curved bristles and the non-gooey formula. The bristles are also quite thick so it grabs just the right amount of polish for each nail.

Drying time was average and slight chipping occurred after 3 days but note that I did not apply a top coat. After wearing the polish for a day, I experimented with another pretty polish which was "Lovely Sinner" from Catrice's Welcome to Las Vegas collection. The results were stunning!! I really fell in love with the light sparkle of the glitter which also contributed to making a softer, more feminine, finish to the nails.

I know it's really early to think about but this is definitely going to be a staple colour in my wardrobe and beauty collection in winter. I love it!!

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Miss Claira-Bella


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  1. I LOVE this shade! I am a huge fan of dark polishes, so I'm really looking forward to winter (although I've been known for wearing dark shades like this one in the heat of summer too!)


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