Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Avon's Nailwear Pro+ - "Arctic Waters"

How gorgeous is this colour!?
Arctic Waters
I have been collecting many "firsts" lately and this is my first Avon polish. I am currently obsessed with this nailwear pro polish. It has the most beautiful deep blue shimmer which make me stare in a stupid gaze for a few minutes until I snap out of it. Seriously, love it!

The bristles of this polish are very firm which makes application really easy because you can guide them where ever you want them to go. It unfortunately does not have a rounded edge but I did not find it difficult to work with.

Drying time and durability was average. Chipping was visible from day 4.

Overall this is a stunning polish and I hope to see more great products from Avon.

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Do you have any Avon polishes?

Miss Claira-Bella



  1. I've tried quite a few Avon nail polishes and this is definitely the better one to go for. The quick drying version is awful, just peels off my nails. Love the colour on you :)

    1. I dislike anything that says quick drying. The formula's are usually really messed up and never lasts and it usually doesn't dry fast.
      Thanks for commenting :)


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