Friday, 11 January 2013

Live Healthy: The Basics

My first week of living healthy has flown by really quickly and this post gives me the opportunity to reflect on what I have achieved and what I did completely wrong. I will also be sharing the basics on how I plan to get into healthy habits during 2013 for a lifestyle I can live with till I'm a hot grandma.


I recently landed up with a R500 Mr.Price gift card and found inspiration to go shopping at Mr.Price Sport, to see what they could offer and fuel my live healthy habits. Boy was I shocked at how cheap their equipment was, compared to other sports warehouses I have been to.
Note: my mat is purple, to match my dumbbells :)
I picked up a yoga mat for my toning exercises as well as some yoga moves I plan to try out next week. It was only R179.00 and it is really great quality considering the price. Soft on the hands and knees and it beats lying on the hard floor when you do crunches.
Then I spotted some dumbbells, which I was not planning on buying, but they were a steal at R29.99 (1kg) and R59.99 (2kg's) each. I decided to buy one pair of each, for more of a home gym experience.


I have been trying out some routines from Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up on YouTube. They come up with simple yet effective routines that are easy enough to do at home in under 30min. Can I just say these ladies are beyond fit, they are machines!!

Water, water, water!

Everyone knows that water is really important for our bodies yet we always find a substitute to avoid the 'bland' taste. I am already in a habit of not drinking fizzy cold drinks because I know how terrible they are so water and I are pretty good friends (but not best friends).
Thanks to the crazy heat wave in Gauteng this week, I have been filling my 2litre of water a day quota which makes me feel pretty good about myself *YAY*. My body can now flush out more toxins and I will hopefully see a difference in water retention in my thighs (they feel huge!). I just hope that once it gets cooler, I will still find the urge to drink tons of water. Good habits!

I need chocolate...

Lets all just remind ourselves every now and then that we are only human! I did, after eating a chocolate brownie avalanche from KFC this week. I have also been snacking on far too much sugary foods but if I get rid of all sugar, my body would probably go into shock. Take it slow :)

Damn you, Avalanche!!

That's all I have for this week's update. I will be uploading a few recipes next week that I have fallen in love with and will also chat about working out as a beginner!
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Live Healthy!

Miss Claira-Bella



  1. LOVE the mat! I also have purple dumbbells...although I don't really use them all the often. I prefer using a Barbell. My Dad has a 10KG one that I hold while doing calf raises, squats and such. That being said...I haven't done much of this at all lately :P I'll have to get my backside in gear! Thanks for sharing these posts - they are inspiring and do make me want to get up and be more active :) Good luck! XXX

    1. Starting is always the hardest. As long as you just try, you're already a step ahead :)Yay for purple!!


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