Thursday, 31 January 2013

Essence's "Night in Vegas" Nail art topper

My new favourite polish is Essence's special effect nail art topper in 08 "night in Vegas". Every time I paint my nails I just cannot resist applying one coat of this to add character to otherwise lifeless polish.

The best way to describe this polish: Stunning nail art flakes with a unique multi colour changing shimmer. Photo's do not do this polish justice. I suggest taking the opportunity to see the polish in person. I purchased my "night in vegas" at Dis-Chem for an extremely affordable price of R24.95.

(Above) I applied two coats of Tip Top's "Fantasy" and one coat of the very purdy nail art topper. I give you permission to go completely overboard and apply 3-4 layers if you'd like! I was honestly too distracted by the sparkles that I didn't take any note of drying time.

After trying this polish, I have been persuaded to try out the other nail art toppers that Essence has to offer and at such a low price, I don't see why I can't have them all!

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Miss Claira-Bella



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