Friday, 31 August 2012

Hunk of the month - August

This month's Hunk of the month is 29 year old Craig Horner.
My boyfriend has started watching a series called Legend of the Seeker where Craig Horner plays the main role of Richard Cypher (the seeker). I don't think much of the actual series but I do watch it with him every now and then just to check out the eye candy.

Read more about him and his career here.

Mr. Horner is actually quite a small guy and I always love the 'tall dark and handsome' guys. There's just something about him! Anyway....He's my hunk of the month, enjoy the pics ladies ;)

You can search for his Facebook pages (There are a few, not sure which is the real one) by searching "Craig Horner".

Until next month's hunk. TTFN

Miss Claira-Bella


In my sample basket - Bee Natural

This week I have been using my Bee Natural's Rehydrating Face Balm sample, which I received in one of my Sample boxes. Here is what I thought about it :)

I haven't been using this on my face because I am testing all kinds of products on my face at the moment and thought it would be too much for my skin, to add another. I have been using this as a lip balm instead and let me tell you, I am impressed!

"Bee Natural's Rich Rehydrating Face Balm is the ultimate natural skin care product to use for nourishing, moisturizing and rejuvinating facial skin. The unique combination of beeswax, raw honey, propolis, pollen, retinol, collagen, elastin, Q10, jojoba and avocado oil rapidly penetrate the skin - expect a visible difference after first application! The balm also contains a plan based SPF 15 thus providing safe and natural protection from UV rays." Source
Full size RSP R89.90 for 30ml

What I loved

-It doesn't smell or taste funny. I have found a lot of natural products don't have a pleasant scent and natural lip balms usually taste bitter. This face balm has a waxy scent but it's not overpowering and with the honey ingredient, it doesn't have a bitter taste (Reminder: I'm not eating the face balm, lol, I'm using it as a lip balm and that's why I tasted it).
-It's so smooth and doesn't have a sticky texture. The wax to honey ratio is perfect. It goes on my skin so easily and it feels amazingly 'soft' and lightweight.
-It helped clear red patches that I had. After this horrid winter dryness (as well as being on roaccutane), my lips had many red patches where my skin had peeled off and bled. After using this balm on my lips, the red patches have completely disappeared. *Life saver*
-It has an SPF 15. It might not be the highest sun protectant factor but if you're looking for a light protection from the harsh UV rays, this is it. (Great to wear under you makeup everyday)

What I disliked

The only problem I found was that it was difficult to get out of my sample pot. The wax was hard from the cold but I quickly came up with a solution. I just held the sample pot in my hand for a 1-2 minutes and it was way easier to get out. It might not be as easy in a full size container.

Overall, I would say I am developing a little crush on this brand.
I have my eye on the Lip balms (Between R7-R13 each) on their website (there are so many) and I also have my eye on their Eczema balm (R55) as my mom suffers from terrible eczema.

Check out this great review that Chicara from Lipgloss Kisses did a few weeks ago.
Visit Bee Natural's website and Online store.

Your thoughts?

Miss Claira-Bella


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Spar womans race 2012

This past weekend's adventures: SA's most beautiful road race with Spar 2012

This was my second Spar race (my previous one was last year). I am not a pro runner or do fun runs/walks often but I like taking part in this specific one because it's really fun. Over 25 000 woman and men running for fun and charity is always eventfull.

My boyfriend, a few friends and I took part this year. The atmosphere is always really awesome. Guy's dressing as ladies, shouting things like, "As jy buig, is jy myne" (If you bend, you're mine), made my day. The weather was perfect and I put tons of sunscreen on so didn't get an inch of sunburn. *YAY*

Here is my short gallery of the walk.

Waiting to start (The red arches in front is the start line)
The sea of orange ahead of us and beautiful skies above.
Sea of orange behind us and some interesting costumes.
My 'trying to look cool' pose.
3km mark.
Entering Supersport park
Moi at the finish line. I WIN! *I wish*
Medal and goodie bag, Check!
High five to the organisers of this race as it was another complete success. We appreciate your expertise in controlling 25000 people while still making it super fun and SA's biggest race!
Cant wait for next year's race!

Miss Claira-Bella


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

I bake cupcakes!

I've gone into a venture with Sweet Heart Candy Buffets in assisting with making cupcakes for their candy buffets. Baking cupcakes became a hobby for me and I couldn't resist taking the opportunity to make cute cupcakes for weddings, birthday parties etc.

Here are cupcakes I did for a Bridal Shower two weeks ago :)

Sweet Heart Candy Buffets beautiful work!

Like 'Claire's cupcakes' on Facebook where I will be posting all the cupcake galleries.

Miss Claira-Bella (Claire)


Monday, 27 August 2012

*DIY* Simple organisation - Jewelry

I have been planning this blog post for a while and Chicara from Lipgloss Kisses asked me for ear ring storage ideas so here it is, the follow up of my DIY simple organisation for cosmetics.

We all recognise the little box below. Its mainly used for avid scrap-bookers, beaders and even fishermen. I personally use it as my ear ring holder and I'm sure I'm not the only one. 
The problem with these is that you can never really find what you're looking for, your ear rings get tangled and it just doen't look attractive.

I found this really cute idea on the internet machine. You take an old frame and staple/glue mesh inside so that your ear rings can hook. I am so crazy about this idea because it's so easy!
If you have a large ear ring collection you can use a bigger frame with finer mesh. If you're looking for something smaller use a smaller frame or 'chicken wire' that has bigger spaces to hang your ear rings.
You can use stand up frames to set beside your bed or on your dressing table. You can also use frames that you place on your wall, that way it takes up less space. If you have many pairs of the same colour, you could keep them gathered on one picture frame to match the colour of your room etc.
If you're the type of lady that likes to keep your necklaces with your earings, you can use the idea below:
You stick a whole bunch of corks in a frame and use hooked screws in the cork, to hang your necklaces on. Your ear rings can just be pushed into the cork and won't fall out. Corks aren't that easy to come by (unless you drink tons of wine - No judgment here) so try using cork sheets which can be found at most craft stores.
This idea is cute for necklaces but might be a bit too bold and 'barn-like' for some people. 

I will try this idea soon and post photo's :)

Miss Claira-Bella


*All images from Google

Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

"It’s a pampering balm fused with a lightweight lipstain in an adorable chubby crayon. Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain gives softer, smoother lips with a perfect flush of color that lasts hour after hour. The gel formula comes in 12 vibrant shades that match any look or mood." - Source

I stopped at my nearest Clicks Store recently and tried out the new Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains by Revlon. Here is what my hand looked like once I realised I was acting like a pre-schooler playing in her favourite colouring-in book (left).

I stopped at the 9th balm because I was going crazy (with excitement). The 12 colours are really gorgeous. It's so difficult to find a great lip balm that will give you the 'lipstick' effect. I personally don't wear lipstick but I am constantly applying lipglosses and lip balms. This invention by Revlon is my new best friend. Unfortunately I didn't pick one up at Clicks because my purse was already dried from a previous shopping spree and R99, for one stick, would definitely be a splurge for my budget.

I have to mention the amazing colour payoff. To avoid looking like a complete 'nut' in public, I used a tissue to take the balm off my hand and this is what remained (picture above)
After rubbing a few times the colours that you see left on my hand, would not budge.

I then applied 'Lovesick' of the colours to my lips in the store and when I looked in the mirror before going to bed that night, it was still frikin on my lips!!! I was so amazed and really impressed because I was not expecting it to last through all my chatting, eating and drinking. I had it on for about 7 hours. Amazing!

There are a lot of disputes in regards to 'who did it first' as Clinique released their chubby stick colours a few months before Revlon released their just bitten kissable balm stain. To be honest I really couldn't care. The more, the better!

This, ladies, is the balm stain to have!

Have you tried it? Which colour is your favourite?

Miss Claira-Bella


Friday, 24 August 2012

*Spring Essentials* Hands and Feet

In my new Spring essentials category, I will be sharing my must-have products/items for...yip, you guessed it, SPRING!!

I love looking after my hands and feet, probably because that's the closets part of my body to my nails *Nail Fanatic*. Here are a few products I will be using throughout Spring and Summer.

Sh'zen's Spa Manicure for your hands and nails

RSP R159 for 250g
"Condition and brighten your hands and nails by soaking them in these fresh, citrus-scented crystals.
A 10-minute soak in warm water infused with these orange crystals will restore moisture to your hands and nails, and prepare them for further treatments. Lemon oil strengthens brittle nails and helps to whiten nail edges; Grapefruit has antibacterial properties and works to tone and revitalise skin; while Vitamin C brings its anti-ageing and antioxidant properties to the mix. The crystals have an uplifting citrus fragrance and leave hands feeling soft and silky." - Source

Pampering is always good for the mind and the soul but not always for your purse. With Sh'zen's Spa Manicure, you can get soft, moisturised skin weekly, without breaking the bank.
Obviously, me being very 'nail' conscious, I fell in love with this product because it helps strengthen your nails as well as brightens them. Something I desperately need.
It has a yummy citrus scent. Think - Lemon Meringue cake...Delish!
Exfoliate and moisturise after using this soak.

Sh'zen's Spa Addative for feet

RSP R159 for 250g
"This pampering product refreshes and softens tired, hot feet - it's the ultimate treat after a busy day.
The beautiful, soft, mint-green crystals are infused with essential oils to clean, refresh and revive hardworking feet. Key ingredients are revitalising Witch Hazel, antibacterial Ti-tree, and Niaouli, known for its anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. There are also oxygen-releasing agents that soften skin and prepare it for further treatments - making it an essential part of any pedicure, too." - Source

This product is superb and works just like it says it will! All ladies that have ever worn Mr.Price pumps will know, your feet feel like they sweat a liter of water every time you wear them. FACT! This Spa Additive helps keep your feet fungi free, helps with smelly feet as well as keeping them cool and moisturised. (Perfect for pump lovers like moi!)
Note that this is the first step to any recommended foot treatment. In other words, don't just use this product on it's own. It is recommended to exfoliate and moisturise afterwords, to complete your pampering, home spa feeling.

Sh'zen's Cooling spritzer for Feet

RSP R159 for 100ml
"This aromatic spray brings instant relief to tired, hot and swollen feet.
Menthol produces an immediate cooling effect on the skin and works as a local anaesthetic to ease pain and reduce irritation. Refreshing Peppermint, astringent Witch Hazel and purifying Ti-Tree, known for their anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, work to alleviate swelling and protect skin from infection. Spray as frequently as required for an invigorating and calming experience that has long-lasting benefits." - Source

Hot, sweaty, puffy feet really don't make people feel great. Arrgh the worst! This handy little bottle is a gift from the feet gods above. It has such a refreshing scent that cools your feet and helps with odor. It's small enough to fit in your handbag so you can even spray it on your feet while you're at work or out shopping.
In my part time job, I stand for up to 12 hours every weekend so believe when I say, 'This stuff works'

A decent hand and foot scrub.

My DIY hand and foot scrub
Exfoliating your hands and feet at least one a week will keep them soft and help your blood circulation.
Click this link for my DIY hand and foot scrub.

Pastel Polishes

My three favourite colours for Spring (Click on the links below for each individual review)


I picked up these cute bangles at Mr Price for R19.95. You can never go wrong with a little bracelet or ring here and there.

Get the Goods

Sh'zen website
Sh'zen on Facebook
Tip Top Nails on Facebook
Mr Price online store

Keep an eye out for more spring essentials next week!

Miss Claira-Bella


P.S. I am in no way, a professional nail technician or doctor. These are just my preferred beauty products.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Catrice's limited edition collection - Big City Life

Here is my video review on the exciting limited edition collection by Catrice, coming in October'12.

Here are all the fabulous Cities!

New York
Sydney (My Fave)
I'm so happy that Catrice is competing with other international cosmetic brands who have also launched their own City inspired collections. *Proud-mommy-kinda-moment*

I will update this blog post in the near future, to give you an ideas for eye shadow looks, using the London Collection palette.

Excited for this new collection?

Miss Claira-Bella

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Beauty Bulletin Polish Up Challenge

Beauty Bulletin has this new feature on their website. Kerri and Lori have challenged us ladies to a few challenges, and what's really great is that there are going to be different challenges every month!!
Knowing me and my nail craze, I immediately picked no 3: Polish up. Click on this link to see what I have gotten myself into.

So far I have come up with these looks (click on the links under each picture to view the full gallery)

Jungle Nails (Using a magazine)

Summer Stripes

Keep an eye out for more nail art designs :)

Miss Claira-Bella


In my sample basket - Elizabeth Arden

I cannot resist picking up free samples whenever I see any, but my problem is, I seldomly actually use/sample them. Ridiculous, I know! So to get my ass motivated and try my sample goodies out (that I have very carefully dumped into a basket), I am going to start a new section/category called "In my sample basket". I will take one sample out every week, test it out and comment on what I thought and if I would buy the full size.
My Sample Basket
To crack this new category off with a bang, I will start with my Elizabeth Arden 8 hour sun defense for face, SPF 50 Sunscreen PA+++, sample.
My 15g sample

I am quite a fan of the few Elizabeth Arden products that I have. I wish I could have tons more but their prices are just not compatible with my almost-non-existent monthly beauty budget. Lets see if this product gives me the temptation to splurge.

What it does:

 "Think of everything you love about our legendary Eight Hour® Cream Skin Protectant. Now add in powerful sun protection with SPF 50." Source
It is a lightweight, oil-free SPF 50 lotion, hydrates your skin for up to 8 hours and helps shield your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays that can cause sunburn, surface skin cell damage and premature signs of aging. Suitable for all skin types, PABA-free and even has the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Approval.

The lotion

What I loved

It's super lightweight on the skin. It really isn't like regular sunscreen, that makes you sweat because it's so thick and your skin can't breathe. It also absorbs into the skin fast. I put it on, wait 3min and I can immediately put my makeup over the lotion. The last thing, I love that it doesn't have the scent of your typical sunscreen. 

My dislikes

No dislikes whatsoever :)

Full size RSP R185.00
Our beauty relationship will probably carry on in the near future. I was expecting to feel like I was on the beach with sweaty skin, smelling of lotion and having white streaks on my face where the sunscreen doesn't want to absorb. I was pleasantly surprised that all my expectations were trashed and replaced with great results.
It's such a brilliant product to use every day, knowing you'll have a high UV protection as well as the amazing benefits of the 8 hour skin protectant, is something all ladies yearn for when we live in the African sun and harsh climate.

To locate your nearest Elizabeth Arden stockist, visit their website here.

Who has the full size of this product? Have you been using it?
Till next week! TTFN

Miss Claira-Bella