Monday, 27 August 2012

Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

"It’s a pampering balm fused with a lightweight lipstain in an adorable chubby crayon. Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain gives softer, smoother lips with a perfect flush of color that lasts hour after hour. The gel formula comes in 12 vibrant shades that match any look or mood." - Source

I stopped at my nearest Clicks Store recently and tried out the new Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains by Revlon. Here is what my hand looked like once I realised I was acting like a pre-schooler playing in her favourite colouring-in book (left).

I stopped at the 9th balm because I was going crazy (with excitement). The 12 colours are really gorgeous. It's so difficult to find a great lip balm that will give you the 'lipstick' effect. I personally don't wear lipstick but I am constantly applying lipglosses and lip balms. This invention by Revlon is my new best friend. Unfortunately I didn't pick one up at Clicks because my purse was already dried from a previous shopping spree and R99, for one stick, would definitely be a splurge for my budget.

I have to mention the amazing colour payoff. To avoid looking like a complete 'nut' in public, I used a tissue to take the balm off my hand and this is what remained (picture above)
After rubbing a few times the colours that you see left on my hand, would not budge.

I then applied 'Lovesick' of the colours to my lips in the store and when I looked in the mirror before going to bed that night, it was still frikin on my lips!!! I was so amazed and really impressed because I was not expecting it to last through all my chatting, eating and drinking. I had it on for about 7 hours. Amazing!

There are a lot of disputes in regards to 'who did it first' as Clinique released their chubby stick colours a few months before Revlon released their just bitten kissable balm stain. To be honest I really couldn't care. The more, the better!

This, ladies, is the balm stain to have!

Have you tried it? Which colour is your favourite?

Miss Claira-Bella



  1. I tried these out the other day in Dischem but can't settle on a colour - I too battled to get it off my hands :P Until I make up my mind I'll probably try to put off buying this :P Although I wouldn't mind to own a few colours.

    1. I agree, its difficult to choose. It's worth saving up to buy a few though :) Thanks for commenting!

  2. I'm also loving these! I'm going to post a full review soon on the one I have! :)

  3. i'm obsessed with these:) my favorites are honey and sweetheart:D

  4. I am dying for this. That purple/grape colour - which is my new fave looks amazing!
    Thanks for the post because I have been in two minds.
    Charlene and Chicara, I look forward to your reviews :)


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