Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Spar womans race 2012

This past weekend's adventures: SA's most beautiful road race with Spar 2012

This was my second Spar race (my previous one was last year). I am not a pro runner or do fun runs/walks often but I like taking part in this specific one because it's really fun. Over 25 000 woman and men running for fun and charity is always eventfull.

My boyfriend, a few friends and I took part this year. The atmosphere is always really awesome. Guy's dressing as ladies, shouting things like, "As jy buig, is jy myne" (If you bend, you're mine), made my day. The weather was perfect and I put tons of sunscreen on so didn't get an inch of sunburn. *YAY*

Here is my short gallery of the walk.

Waiting to start (The red arches in front is the start line)
The sea of orange ahead of us and beautiful skies above.
Sea of orange behind us and some interesting costumes.
My 'trying to look cool' pose.
3km mark.
Entering Supersport park
Moi at the finish line. I WIN! *I wish*
Medal and goodie bag, Check!
High five to the organisers of this race as it was another complete success. We appreciate your expertise in controlling 25000 people while still making it super fun and SA's biggest race!
Cant wait for next year's race!

Miss Claira-Bella



  1. I am also not a runner or walker so I say a BIG CONGRATS on participating once again this year! :)


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