Friday, 31 August 2012

Hunk of the month - August

This month's Hunk of the month is 29 year old Craig Horner.
My boyfriend has started watching a series called Legend of the Seeker where Craig Horner plays the main role of Richard Cypher (the seeker). I don't think much of the actual series but I do watch it with him every now and then just to check out the eye candy.

Read more about him and his career here.

Mr. Horner is actually quite a small guy and I always love the 'tall dark and handsome' guys. There's just something about him! Anyway....He's my hunk of the month, enjoy the pics ladies ;)

You can search for his Facebook pages (There are a few, not sure which is the real one) by searching "Craig Horner".

Until next month's hunk. TTFN

Miss Claira-Bella


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