Thursday, 16 August 2012

[Trend] Essence's new Colour Arts

"Unlimited color, unlimited effects, unlimited looks! All creative beauty queens take note: from September 2012, essence offers endless new and cool styling options for your eyes, lips and nails with the trend edition “colour arts”.

Pure color pigments in bright shades – from matt and subtle shimmer to metallic and sparkling glitter – ensure a unique look that is guaranteed to be eye-catching. All pigments can be mixed and matched for an absolutely individual look. Whether used on their own or combined – the expressive colors in this trend edition are sure to lift your mood and awaken your creativity! Do it yourself… with essence!" - Colour arts press release

So the concept is, that you buy your bases which act as the "sticky stuff" that will allow the pigments to stay on your skin. You then mix and match the different pigments and apply it on top of the base (as shown in the video above). You can make your own colours which is really great! I have had countless ocassions where I just can't find a lipstick that matches my outfit or an eyeshadow that compliments my eye colour. With the new Colour Arts trend, you can do it all yourself!

These are the pigments you will see on the shelves. There are 20 in total.
Pigments - R29.95 each
Nail Base - R19.95, Lip Base - R23.95 and Eye Base - R23.95
Mixing Pots and Multi tasker - R16.95 each
Are you excited to make your own colour creations?

Miss Claira-Bella