Thursday, 9 August 2012

Marilyn's Boutique

There's this little boutique in Brooklyn Mall (Pretoria) that I can never stay out of whenever I pass by. "Marilyns Boutique is more than just an ordinary store, it's your best friends' closet!"
Their fashion items are so up my ally! I usually try and stay away from boutiques because they tend to be rather pricey and their sales assistants are so rude but Marilyn's is really reasonable with their clothing and they have super friendly satff.

Here are some of their suggested looks: Winter/Spring 2012

Sometimes I'm tempted to slap the manaquins...they don't even realise how fantastic they look, its such a waste. I'd love to be their "live manaquin" :P *mental-breakdown-kinda-moment*

I picked up this uber-fluffy jersey/dress for R180

and some Pastel tights for R49!

If you're in the area, stop by and take a peak at what they have to offer!
Like their Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter for pics and sale news!

I'm sending some blogging love to Marilyn's Botique. Keep doing what you're doing!

Miss Claira-Bella