Monday, 13 August 2012

Essence's super easy Nail Art Stampy Set!

So a while ago I was browsing the HUGE Essence stand at my nearest Dis-chem store and saw they have their very own stamping plates. I was sooo over the moon because, me being a nail fanatic, I have been wanting to purchase the infamous KONAD image plates on The reason I haven't purchased the KONAD image plates is because it would cost a ridiculous R250 for just one plate!! (Not including the scraper, stamp or polishes) *Over my dead body*

It is with utter delight that I tell you, my Essence Stampy Set cost me 80 bucks! 

The plate, scraper and stamp came in one set for R39.95 and the stampy polishes were R19.95 each. Bargain!

You can get such beautiful design's on your nails and its really easy. This is a perfect "Nail art for dummies" set. There are various plates with numerous designs on. You can buy individual image plates for R19.95 each.
Here is a demonstration on how the Stampy Set's work:
Just a few tips and tricks from my end:
*Scrap paper - Put a piece of scrap paper under your stampy plate. Sometimes when your scrape away the nail polish, it goes off the side of the plate and onto the surface you're working on. 
*Be super quick - If you wait too long between each step, the polish will dry.
*Push hard - If you don't apply enough pressure when putting the image onto your nail, it wont stick and you'll be left with only half a picture on your nail. The stamp is made out of rubber so it will not damage your nail.
*Always use a top coat - This will make sure the design will stay on your nail.

I'm so glad that there is an affordable way for ladies to get really nice nail art and I'm really impressed that a brand like Essence can be compared to the KONAD brand of stamping plates.

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Miss Claira-Bella


P.S. Essence also has striping brushes and dotting tools to complete your nail art collection :)