Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Spring Bumblebee Nail Art [Water Marble]

I feel that Spring is the best time to wear nail art designs. It's a time to go from dark Winter colours to warm Spring pastels, to trade in our cosy boots for pretty slip slops and an opportunity to pull off some really cute nail art designs. So over the next few weeks I will be posting really easy nail art ideas to try on your nails for Spring!

In this post, I tried a bumblebee inspired water marble design done by Simple Little Pleasures on YouTube :)

Here is her video tutorial:

When trying any water marble design, remember to prep your nails properly to minimize the issue of having to clean nail polish off your skin. Click here for a tutorial on how to do water marble prep correctly.

I want you to try this out and post pictures on my Facebook Page or share them with me on TwitterWater marbling is super fun and really easy, just make sure you have a good brand of nail polish so that it spreads nicely across the surface of the water.

Keep your eyes peeled for more nail art idea's here on my blog :)

Miss Claira-Bella