Saturday, 25 February 2012

Rubybox, Glambox, Glossybox? Why all the Boxes?

If you haven’t already caught on the new trend of beauty sample boxes, then ladies…where have you been?

All these “Boxes” are beauty sample companies that put together a box of goodies every month. You subscribe, pay a monthly fee and you receive a sexy little box of 4-5 high branded samples ranging from hair-care and skincare to makeup and fragrances. The best part…It gets couriered right to your doorstep!!

This is a great idea for ladies who don’t have time to do research on new products, are too busy to keep up with beauty trends or the ladies who just want to spoil themselves (there's nothing wrong with that!). Its like Christmas every month when you get your exciting variety of products!

I subscribed to Rubybox as it was the first site I came across when I first did research on sample boxes. I will be doing reviews on them every month and later on I would like to subscribe to Glambox and Glossybox and do reviews on them for you too.

Go on…spoil yourself! You can subscribe and pay online, its that easy!
Rubybox – Website:
or go see their Facebook Page which they update daily:
Glambox – Website:
Their Facebook Page:

Glossybox – Website:
and their Facebook Page:

Now Ladies, its a bit pricey to subscribe to all 3 boxes every month so please use the links I put above to do your research first as each box has different products and you can choose which Box suites your taste best.

And any guys reading this…Spoil your special lady by getting them a 1 year subscription. You wont have to worry about remembering to arrange gifts for them or have to think of what to get them…and they’ll love you forever!

Don't be left behind! Catch the trend!


Miss Claira Bella