Friday, 24 February 2012

February Rubybox

So two weeks ago i received my February Rubybox and this is what i got!
From top: Givanchy Fragrances; Voucher;
 Lancome Youth Activator; Elizabeth Arden's Sun Defence for Face;
Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula :)
My first product was an Envelope from Givanchy, Filled with little sachets of perfumes. To be honest, I think it’s such a messy job to try and get perfume out of a sachet and put it where you want it but I quickly stopped thinking about it when I saw how many there were! 13 Different ones, WOW! It also came with a cute little pamphlet of the history of each fragrance and when it was made. Mine ranged from 2002-2011. LOVE IT!! I’ll find a way to put it on without messing! lol

Next was a 5ml sample of a Youth Activator by Lancome. I haven’t used their products before so I’m interested in finding out how it feels and works. I have heard a lot of good reviews on their products so I’m hopeful…BUT at R600 for the full sized 30ml version…It better be good! Lol

Moving on…The Rubybox team gave me an Elizabeth Arden product which I was excited about. It’s their 8 Hour Cream – Sun Defence for Face. I was actually at Woolworths the other day sampling the full sized product and getting more information on their New Sun Defence Range (See image below). I’m really glad to have a little sample of my own!
Pamphlet on Elizabeth Arden's Sun Defense range
Second to last, I received a 50ml sample of Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula. I’M INLOVE!!! It smells just like the Cocoa powder you bake with so it reminds me of cake! I seriously have not stopped putting it on since I received my Rubybox. I’m really glad Palmers and Rubybox gave us this awesome product because I’ve seen it everywhere but haven’t really been interested in buying it because “it’s just another moisturizer”, but now…I’m sold!!

Lastly I got a Voucher for R50 off of They are an online clothing store that delivers straight to your house. I’m definitely going to keep my eye on their site!
My February Rubybox
And that was my Rubybox for February! Thanks for reading and I will be posting again soon!


Miss Claira-Bella

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