Friday, 27 July 2012

~Video Review~ Johnson's Nourishing Facial Cleansing wipes

Here is a quick video review on Johnson's daily essentials nourishing facial cleansing wipes (for dry skin).
Don't laugh at the fat kid
Main points: 

  • The material that the wipes are made from, is very rough. My skin was red and irritated after using them.
  • They were super cold on my face. I'm used to using warm water when washing my face with regular face wash.
  • They are quite pricey. I bought mine for R38 and there are only 25wipes per pack. You would need 3packs per month if you use them twice a day.
  • Besides all the negative, They left my skin really moisturised. I didn't feel the need to apply moitsuriser or lotion on my skin after using the wipes :) *Thumbs Up* 
Overall, I'd rather stick to my normal face wash and cleansing lotions but will continue to use these every now and then to see if my skin improves in any way.

If you have tried these wipes, leave me a comment below!

Miss Claira-Bella