Tuesday, 31 July 2012

{Trend} Essence's Circus Circus

 Here's a look at Essence's new trend, Circus Circus, hitting Dis-chem shelves in August/September 2012.

Products that you can look our for include:
  • Stay all day eyeshadow - R39.95,
  • Liquid eyeliner - R29.95,
  • Lip lacquer - R24.95,
  • Lip topper - R29.95,
  • Highlighter powder - R39.95,
  • Colour nail polish - R39.95,
  • Nail fashion stickers - 29.95,
  • Eau de toilette - R79.95.

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Miss Claira-Bella


*Prices may vary, All images from Google


  1. These look beautiful! I especially love the price tags :D

    1. I agree. I'm not such a fan of all of the items but there are a few that catch my eye. You always win with Essence's great prices :)


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