Thursday, 26 July 2012

Catrice's limited edition Papagena collection!

Image from Google - Watch the making of this photo shoot here
CATRICE brings the Amazon jungle trend home – and we want it, the most powerful look of the season!”. What exactly is “It” that we want? The new limited edition collection form Catrice, Papagena! This spring, the faces of many ladies will be shaded with breath-taking make-up based on rich green and khaki shades interrupted by bright accents in pink, orange and mustard yellow.

I received two exciting items from the new range to review!

The Absolute Eye Colour Quattro in C01 Rumble in the Jungle

This Eyeshadow Quattro has the most amazing selection of colours. You can mix and match the colours to get a different look upon each application.

I have found, to get the most out of this eyeshadow quattro, you will need to use a moist base, like an eye primer, otherwise the eyeshadow is not as striking and fades easily. I used Balm Balm’s fragrance free lip balm and it works really well as an expensive primer.

This very versatile eyeshadow quattro goes for R59.95 at Dischem stores from August 2012.
This is one of the ways I did my eyes using the eyeshado Quattro. They are really well pigmented but like I said, you get a way better colour pay off if you use a primer.

Blush Stick in C01 Tigerlily

I’m not such a fan of blush sticks because they make my skin feel suffocated, they don’t blend as well and, some cream blush sticks never “dry”, so they’re constantly smudging. This Papagena blush stick really changed my mind. Using a cosmetic sponge to blend, it spread out really nicely and after about 15min, the “stickiness”, dried and felt just like normal powder blush.

The prettiest pink glow on my skin. *Blushing*
You can get your very own from August 2012 at selected Dischem stores for R44.95!

Here are some other items from Catrice’s limited edition Papagena collection:

Image from Google
I'm really curious to try out the Crystal Clear Gloss Sticks. They look like really cool jelly-like lipsticks and, from reading international reviews, they are one of the must have items from the Papagena Collection! They will be going for R54.95 here in SA.
Image from Google
Thanks to Cosmetix for sending me these two fantabulous products. Follow Catrice on Twitter and like their Facebook Page for updates on all their products.

Anything catch your eye?
Leave a comment below if you'd like prices for any of the other Papagena items not listed above :)

Miss Claira-Bella