Friday, 13 July 2012

JimmiJagga - Ooh la la!

If you ladies haven't heard about JimmiJagga then you need to read on...It's only the sexiest fusion wine spritzer out there!!!

"KWV has launched another new product. Jimmijagga, a new Ready To Drink (RTD) fusion wine spritzer has been launched into Gauteng outlets (update: now nationwide). Jimmijagga is low-alcohol at 4%. It’s also ready to go - people are too busy these days to take time to prepare – life is fast paced, and things need to be instant. Unique, stylised glass bottles of 275ML are available in four-packs or as a case of 24." Source
It might be old news to some but I only recently tasted it for the first time. The stunning wine spritzer comes in three different infused flavours:
*White wine infused with lemon,
*Rose/Pink infused with melon,
*and Red infused with plum.

All their flavours are delish and are the perfect companions to take out to a chilled braai or a hectic house party! Did I mention the 4% alcohol? You can enjoy drinking all three yummy infused flavours and still be standing up straight at the end of the night!
Love this KWV invention!

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Going out this weekend? Don't forget to stop at the bottle store and try it out!

Miss Claira-Bella