Friday, 20 July 2012

Kobus Muller - Where did those abs come from??

The whole of SA has its eyes on Kobus Muller, the 2007 Supersterre winner! 

My reason for bringing him on my blog is beyond the obvious *sizzling*. I'm in shock at his "2012 Heat manwatch winner" title. I attended the launch of his album, "Alles en meer" as well as Big Boy Records (Collaboration), last year and got to see him in the flesh. He didn't have nearly the same definition as he does now! *High five Kobus
It shows that even the skinny dudes can get a hunk-worthy bod :)

More Pikkies *Yes Pah-lease*

My autographed CD from the Big Boy Records/Kobus Muller launch

The point of this post was to provide some eye candy (Duh), to make the start of your week-end a little sweeter, and to let you know that this is one South African hottie you should all be supporting!

Follow Kobus Muller on Twitter, Facebook and visit his website.

Lovely blog kisses to you all!

Miss Claira-Bella


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