Tuesday, 17 December 2013

This is good bye...for now!

I have been MIA for a few months now and I am finally letting you in the loop as to what has been happening.

Being in the blogging industry for two years, has constantly reminded me that this thing we bloggers do...its not for sissies. It takes motivation, creativity and, the thing we're always chasing, TIME! Most bloggers have full time jobs, houses to run and even kids to sort after. You can imagine how difficult it is to fit blogging and events into an already jam packed schedule. 

Now, I don't have to deal with all of the above obstacles, my point is that life catches up to you whether you like to admit it or not and the next thing you see (in my case), you haven't posted any new content in a few weeks. I have come up with a solution to stop that from happening because no matter how busy or tired I am, I LOVE BLOGGING!

So this is what's up...I am launching a new blog!

I have been working on my new blog for the past 6 months. Everything from name idea's, look and feel, photo shoots, categories, blog niches and what you will enjoy reading the most...that is what has been keeping me busy. Oh boy! I am so frikin excited!

This decision came about once I knew that I wanted to share more than beauty reviews. I want to explore all the wonderful topics there are to blog about. Food, decor, travel and, life! 

Howse Life is an adventurous concept very close to my heart. I will be sharing almost every aspect of my life with the incredible World Wide Web and the trolls that prowl there, not to be attention seeking or for ulterior motives but simply because I feel that my words need to last forever and I want to share my story. What better way than to share it as it happens.

This new blog will be run mainly by myself with appearances from my boyfriend, Malcolm. He will add a really fun guy edge and hopefully help with some DIY advice.

I could really carry on forever. Lets just leave it at that and I'll see you next year for the new, amazing awesome, fun blog.



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