Monday, 4 June 2012

*Trend* Natventurista by Essence

I received a few products from Essence's up-coming trend, Natventurista, and I'm really excited to share them with you!

This limited edition trend will be on the shelves from May/June 2012 and is definitely something not to be missed. Here they are:

Lip Balm in 01 "Outdoor Nudes" - I really like this 3in1 lip balm tin. It comes in 3 flavours (which are delish by the way) and colours which makes it easy to mix and match to your desired colour. It has a creamy, soft texture which leaves your lips looking glossy and moisturised. I had trouble opening the container at first as it doesn't have an easy-to-grip lid, but once to get used to opening it a certain way, its a breeze!
A lovely handbag must have!

Nail Polish in 02 "Mother Earth is watching you" - This nail polishes is perfect for achieving the "nude/natural but still totally glam" look. It dried rather fast and stayed on for 3-4 days (Even longer if you use a good top coat). The whole nail polish collection comes in 01 You are my dragonfly, 02 Mother earth is watching you, 03 Barefoot through the moss and 04 Chirp Chirp.
Something to invest in for the fresh
spring months where you'll need softer, more neutral colours on your nails

Nail Stickers in 02 "Flower Power" - To be honest, I was a bit skeptical when I first saw these "Gel" nail stickers but really loved how they looked on my nails. Once you get them to fit snugly and cut off any excess at the tip of your nail, you hardly even notice they are stickers. It is however, difficult to fit then correctly around your cuticle area as there are only 7 different sizes. Another big let down was that they only lasted about an hour before peeling off/ sticking on everything I touched. This flower power design was really pretty and I adored how it made my nails look. I wouldn't suggest these stickers if you want a 5-10 day manicure but they are perfect for themed parties or special occasions (There are other nail sticker designs in other Essence trends).
Baked eyeshadow in 03 "Chrip chrip" - This eyeshadow is a really great base colour and great for highlighting. Unfortunately the green in the eyeshadow hardly shows up, if you apply it dry, so it appears as a plain sparkly silver colour (I used a different eyeshadow to get the hint of green in this picture). Try using a wet brush to intensify the colour. (I'm thinking the green might be darker as you use it, as the marbled-ness has many layers)

Gel eyeliner in 01 "Barefoot through the moss" - This mossy green eyeliner gel is perfect for achieving a subtle nature look to give you beautiful bright eyes. It has a really smooth velvety texture, making it really easy to apply. It lasts the whole day, morning to night, without fading or flaking.

Gel eyeliner in 02 "Mother Earth is watching you" - I am in love with this gel eyeliner. It has the most beautiful copper colour that adds a lovely texture to the eye. The one thing I disliked about both gel eyeliners is the smell. It has a very strong vinegar-like scent. Fortunately when it is applied to your eye the scent disappears. Love, love, love this colour!

There is an eyliner brush in this trend aswell. You purchase it separately (for those who do not already have a liner brush) to use with the gel eyeliner pots.

All the photo's in this post will be available to view in a higher resolution on my Facebook page. 

I hope you will consider investing in some of these products. They are perfect for Spring!

Search their international website for more info on the Natventurista trend. Cosmetix is the official distributor of essence cosmetics in South Africa. Visit their website here. 

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  1. Love the Essence trends. :) Lip balms and nail polishes look cool.

  2. Love the look of these products! :)

  3. There goes the budget for the month! :) Love the nail polish colours and the stickers will be perfect for a party later this month! Thx for the post x


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