Monday, 18 February 2013

Bobbi Brown - Valentine Red

I am always very wary of huge brands that carry a very big price tag on otherwise very normal products. I ask myself, can nail polish really be that amazing and different to others, that you end up paying insane amounts of money? This Bobbi Brown polish was up against lots of criticism from my side.

I LOVE THIS COLOUR!! It's such an intense yet versatile colour that is so pleasing to the eye. One coat will give you a light red that says "I'm fun and flirty". Two coats will give you an intense blood red that could say "I only date vampires". Either way, this colour is there to make a statement.

I was scared to mess the red on my clothes so I cheated and used Yardley's speed finish nail drying spray. The fact that I had to do this means that drying time was nothing special.

Durability was hardier that I thought it would be. Only problem with such an eye catching colour, as soon as you have the tiniest chip, it's noticeable. I had my first chip after day 1 and had to take my manicure off on day 4. This was also nothing new or mind blowing.

One thing that I wasn't expecting to love its the bottle design. I love how it's simple and just says "BOBBI BROWN". There are no bar-codes on the sides, no stickers or name labels, just plain clean bottle. I would definitely put this polish on display!

Overall this is great colour and has a very unique bottle. the formula was a dream to use and lasted as long as the average polish does. I think that if you do have some spare change lying around and would like to invest in a pricier brand then you should totes get this polish!!

How much would you pay for a bottle of your favourite polish?

Miss Claira-Bella



  1. Stunning colour!!!! If I had the change, I think I would rather opt for some Bobbi Brown make-up. As far as varnishes go.. I prefer the Essence price tag :)

    1. Bobbi Brown Makeup is very prestigious so I agree with you on that. Essence may be a bit too 'cheap' but also a great alternative to expensive polishes :) Thanks for commenting

  2. Beautiful colour!

    1. I know, right? I love it! Thanks for commenting.


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