Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Ladies, lets have a chat!

Woman would generally have this conversation over a cup of tea with their best female friend or, for the really shy ladies; you would have a heart-to-heart with your gynaecologist. Unfortunately we cannot have a cuppa and I’m not a gynae but in the next few paragraph’s I will be ‘talking’ about all things intimate and feminine hygiene related

I was recently contacted by the PR Company for GynaGuard, a brand that supports woman to stay healthy and confortable by safely and effectively helping to prevent and relieve intimate irritations. I was first hesitant on accepting their products due to the taboo around this topic but after doing some research I found it imperative that all ladies know about the importance of feminine hygiene. 

Things like washing detergents we use on our clothes, fragranced bubble baths and shower gels causes our intimate pH balance to stray from the normal levels it should be at. In turn, this causes bacterial infections like Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), Candida and Trichmoniasis Vaginosis. If left untreated, these simple bacterial infections can turn into more serious problems.

GynaGuard has a whole range of soap and fragrance free products that can empower you to prevent and relieve intimate irritations that cause pain, discomfort and embarrassment. I got to try some of these products for myself and I am here to let you ladies know that they are worth a try. 

Essential care for you know where 

GynaGuard’s essential intimate wash is there to replace the harmful soaps and body wash that you may already use. Their soap and fragrance free cleansing gel is gentle enough to use every day to restore a healthy pH balance and rinse away any odour causing germs. In fact, it is so gentle; gynaecologists recommend this intimate wash to pregnant woman to use throughout their pregnancy. I didn’t have any irritations from using this intimate wash and I felt confident that it was in fact doing its job in keeping a healthy pH balance

GynaGuard has also developed an intimate comfort gel that can be applied throughout the day if you experience any discomfort, burning or itching. The "on the go relief" this gel offers, can empower woman who suffer from uncomfortable pain and irritation. Irritations can be caused by the use of soap, bubble bath, physical contact and most commonly; germs that have overrun the delicate flora balance. Changes in hormone levels during puberty, periods and menopause also disturb the pH balance which can also lead to intimate discomfort. Again, my skin did not feel irritated by this gel and I appreciated the gentle ingredients. 

I firmly believe that GynaGuard products are there to help woman with common intimate hygiene issues which could lead to more serious problems if left untreated. I am also a huge fan at how tastefully they tackle an otherwise very embarrassing topic

All GynaGuard products are tested and recommended by gynaecologists. You can find GynaGuard in most stores like Pick’nPay, Clicks, Dis-Chem and pharmacies. The products are pricier than what you’d expect for a ‘body wash’ but they are worth every Randela

Thanks so much to DTM SA and GynaGuard for the enlightening products. I can see myself using these products for years. 

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Miss Claira-Bella 


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  1. I felt the same about these types of products! Soap is soap right? And I hated having to stand in the isle and read what it does, how it works etc etc. Until my sister recommended it to me after I complained that things "down there" just wasn't to awesome lately! Now it has become one of my monthly essentials and though it's a bit pricy, it really is worth it! I love their Essential Wash! Get it ladies! Like...NOW!


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