Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Live Healthy: Update #9

I'm back! Read my last update here.

Since my last update, I purchased a pedometer. It's a small device you clip onto your pants or belt and it counts every single step you take throughout the day. It's quite a trivial device but if you are like me, and you aren't a gigantic fan of gymming, it keeps you in check. Since getting the pedometer, I have found myself parking further away from where I shop, going outside more often and of course, window-shopping in big malls where your feet start to ache from walking too much.
My initial motivation for getting the pedometer is that I get points for my medical aid if I do 10 000 steps or more every day because walking whilst doing every day tasks will effect your fitness level and your general health. It has a neat little USB in it so you plug it into your PC and upload your information. Ten thousand steps is really difficult to get to. So far my best is 6734 steps in one day and my worst is 999 steps *major couch potato*. I am hoping to get those numbers up on the treadmill this week.

Gym visits have been non existent lately as I have been away but I have an urge to catch up by the end of August. I also have been reminding myself that the Spar woman's race is on the 31st of August and I need to put in some extra km's on the treadmill before then.

I do want to admit that I am disappointed in my promise to upload recipes and more on what I eat daily. The main reason I haven't done this is because my eating habits have not been anything to brag about. I have never been on a " diet" before which is really difficult for me but from now I am really going to try put effort into strict meals and share them with you. 

That's it for now. Keep living healthy and remember...

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