Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Autumn is upon us :)

The Seasons are changing! The sun is starting to rise much later and there is a certain chill in the air (well at least it is in Gauteng). We have all had some niggling coughs and snuffly noses to welcome the "wish-I-could-stay-in-bed-all-day" weather.

When I say Autumn is upon us, what exactly does that mean for your skin? Its rather important to follow routines when it comes to skincare and this necessity becomes even more important in the Autumn and Winter months. Below are some of my best tips on keeping your skin moisturised and looking really healthy even though the dry air and cold weather are plotting against you.

#1 Drink lots of water
The intake of fluids is really important during Autumn & Winter because your skin gets dehydrated faster than you think. Drinking water, teas and fruit juices will also flush out all the toxins that your body really doesn't need! Get in the habit of drinking at least 6 glasses of fluids per day.

#2 Don't forget your Sunblock!
A lot of people think that just because its cooling down, the sun isn't harsh anymore and you can't get sunburt. This is completely false! Some of the the worst sunburn you get is when it is overcast and cold. A friend of mine burnt blisters, first day of matric vac, because it was overcast and we were bikini-ying on the beach. (Oh the good old days!). You still need to put sunscreen on during Autumn & Winter, especially if you plan to be outside for most of the day. Maybe not a SPF50 but definitely nothing less than SPF15.

#3 Moisturise
A no brainer! There's nothing worse than dry, flaky, chapped and just plain unhealthy skin during Autumn & Winter. Besides the above tips, you need to MOISTURISE your skin at least once a day (preferably twice a day). Lip balm for your lips is also an absolute must during winter!
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Ladies...instead of freaking out in the beginning of summer about how dry your skin is in your bikini, and then try to do '911' skin treatments to get a healthy glow again, just take care of your skin NOW and during Winter! You already have to stress about the added kg's from winter's comfort food, don't add skin issues to the list!

AND guys...you also need to take care of yourselves during Winter! Its horrible seeing a man that doesn't take care of himself. I definitely dont want to hold hands with "the crusty claw of doom". Nivea has a great men's range, go check it out here.

If you have any major concerns about your skin please do not hesitate to see a dermatologist. You'll feel a lot better once its taken care of :) I have!

Below are a few traditional favorites that I use/eat/drink every winter.

Any winter survival tips? Leave a comment below.

Miss Claira-Bella