Saturday, 17 March 2012

Party in your Pocket

“It’s your favourite flavour packed in your favourite design to expose your favourite style”. If you understand this then you know what I’m talking about. BLINK MINTS!! It’s possibly the sexiest little mint out there!

Blink mints: In so many colours, styles and flavours
I know it’s nothing new but I haven't tried them before so i thought i'd tell you about what i thought about my first experience with Blink Mints.

When Blink Mints first came out on the shelves I didn’t even bother to look at the price because something that pretty has to put a dent in your purse but I picked one up at clicks last week to give it a try and when I saw they were only R19.99 i was really impressed. I was tempted to buy a few but settled on the Blackcurrant Floral design.

Once I opened up the “Pretty” little tin the smell of blackcurrant was mouth-watering. I just had to pop one in my mouth to satisfy my curiosity. Yummy!!! It’s not an overpowering minty taste, which I hate, but a very fresh, fruity, blackcurrant flavour with a hint of minty-ness. Your mouth feels refreshed!
I would love to try out all the other flavors and designs soon.

These fancy little tins can be used after your mints are finished:
1) Fill them with other mints or gum.
2) Use them when you make your next batch of home-made tinted lip gloss as a lip-gloss tin.
3) Or use them to put your earrings and other jewelry in. #Fashionable Storage

Blink mints are my new favorite handbag accessory and can be bought at Clicks.
You can also visit their website, to view their designs, here.

Which Blink Mints are your favorite?

Miss Claira-Bella


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