Friday, 2 March 2012

Vampire's Love by Essence

If you haven’t already heard about Essence cosmetics/ trends, then you definitely need to go check it out!

This post is about their very exciting new trend ‘Vampire’s Love’. I’m really looking forward to when is comes out in SA! Any Twilight fan will die for a trend collection like this. For me, its not really about the whole vampire/twilight thing, Its about the amazing colours! Something my winter wardrobe would definitely agree with!
The products in this Trend are:

1. Love at first bite - eye shadow palette
2. Eye need you - volume lash powder
3. Blush Gelee – Bloody Mary
4. Lipstain – Bloody Mary
5. Nail polishes in:
Gold old Buffy
Into the Dark
True Love
The Dawn has Broken
Hunt me if you can
6. Lil Vampire – Shimmer powder
7. Eau De Toilette - Perfume

My two favourites, just from looking at the pictures, would probably be the Eye shadow palette and all the pretty Nail Polishes!

The Vampire’s Love collection will be in Dischem stores from beginning of May 2012 so keep your eyes peeled. I’m definitely saving up for this one! I’ll be doing a review once it comes out!

You can also keep up with other trends on their site or their Facebook page:

Leave a comment on which products you can’t wait to buy from the Vampire’s Love range!

Miss Claira-Bella