Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Live Healthy: Update #10

My tenth update and finally Spring time. Cannot believe it!

These past two week have gone fantastically well. I have been sticking to a strict, healthy diet and going to gym regularly. I am really feeling good about my progress and what better timing than at the beginning of a new season!

Here are some snaps from the past two weeks.
From top: Carrot, pineapple and pecan nut salad (recipe coming soon). Lemon water. Spring rolls. Weetbix. Butternut and onion soup.

Green Tea
From top: Orange wedges. Green salad with egg and avocado. Egg mayo provita snacks.

YAY!! I was able to do 10,000 steps in one day with my pedometer!!
The reason for my sudden high in determination is because there is a "Biggest loser" competition at work which will stretch over the next 10 weeks. The winner will get a R3000.00 cash prize which in all honesty, I am in dire need of. I don't quite qualify for "biggest loser" but luckily they choose the winner on BMI and fat percentage lost! 

Wish me luck!

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