Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Mavala's new top and base coat on steroids!

Mavala SA was kind enough to send me two newly launched products recently which have been added to their amazing range of polishes. These two products are Mavala 002 base coat and Colorfix top coat.

I did a quick mani to test these two products. Here's what I used:

Mavala 002 Base Coat, Chanel 565 Beige and Mavala's Colorfix Top Coat

Step one? Base coat of course!

I always like to emphasize the importance of a base coat, even if I seem repetitive. It helps prevent yellow nails effected by nail polish pigments and it prevents staining of bright coloured polishes such as red and blue. A base coat is also handy as it "fixes" nails polish to your nails. It usually has a tacky or sticky consistency which helps your next layer adhere to your nail plate better.

The Mavala 002 base coat did it's job really well. It wasn't too thick so it dried reasonably fast. The brush was also soft but firm enough to apply without things turning into a nail polish murder scene.

The colour I applied for this mani is Chanel's "le Vernis" in 565 Beige. The reason I chose this polish was because I had problems in the past with chipping, from day 1, so I though it would be a great candidate to put these two Mavala products to the test. It is also a fresh colour for Spring.

Immediately, I hope you notice the shine this base coat gives your mani (compare the two pictures above). It is really sparkly and you may even notice it brings the pink shimmer of the Chantel polish.

The durability of this "polish sandwich" was pretty impressive. I left my mani on for 6 days before taking it off. This is what it looked like...
...so maybe I could have taken it off a little sooner but seeing as it's such a light colour I got away with the chips that are noticeable in the image above. 

The point to all of this is that these two Mavala products are pretty potent. Since doing this mani I have found myself reaching for the Mavala 002 base coat and Colorfix top coat more often, which definitely says something.

Thanks again to Mavala SA for sending me these Mavala goodies. The press package was put together extremely well. I had a such a ball testing the products out and bragging to my friends, family and blog readers about how great they really are.

Peeps, feel free to follow Mavala SA on Twitter and Facebook. You can also get these fab products at Dis-Chem and selected pharmacies. 

Before moving on, pop over to my review of Mavla's Via Veneto nail polish.

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