Wednesday, 26 June 2013

MAVALA Via Veneto

I have a new's name is MAVALA Via Veneto!!

My new crush ;) 
This colour is beautifully elegant aaand has a hint of sassy-ness! I can imagine Cinderella wearing a shade like this to go with her stunning ballgown and unforgettable shoes. Just imagine what The Prince would have said if she was trying to pull off grotesque coloured nails. This proves that nail polish matters, when trying to make a statement.

I must say, I didn't think much of the colour by looking at the bottle but once it was brushed onto my nails, I couldn't stop staring!
The shade is washed out pink-caramel colour but it was the stunning shimmer-gloss finish that got me so worked up. It has a certain 'feel' about it, making it irresistible to stare at all day and admire

Due to my carelessness, the polish started chipping from day 2 but was only really noticeable from day 4 because it is quite a light shade.

I used a Mavala base and top coat which I will be reviewing next. I am convinced these products helped add the beautiful finish to my manicure.

I have many light/neutral colours in my polish collection but this one by Mavala is so unique I don't actually want to compare it to the others. It is for this specific reason, I love nail polishes. Even though there are thousands of colours out there, they are all unique and you can never have enough!!

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