Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Clean fun with The Beauty Factory's new "Originals" range

As soon as I hear the word originals, I think of Vampire Diaries (addict right here) and that leads me to a very philosophical thought. Originals are the base of everything. Without the originals, things would not be as they are today and it is very important to give originals the respect they deserve.

The new Originals range from The Beauty Factory definitely has my respect. 

Remember when soap was just soap? This new range from The Beauty Factory reminds us that sometimes our body just needs the plain ol' good stuff. No added ingredients to confuse our skin into thinking it needs something it doesn't. 

Here they are:

 The Body Polisher - 

My favourite of the three products which were sent to me by Beauty Factory. This 'polisher' has the most divine scent, just like clean PJ's that have just come out of the tumble dryer on a cold winters night *Bliss*. It has small little micro beads that lightly exfoliate your skin giving it a soft, polished, feeling. 

One thing I find extremely irritating about body exfoliators (the ones I've used) is, they don't have a 'soapy' texture so you end up using 2 products to satisfy your skins needs (cleaning & getting rid of dead skin). This is not the case with the Originals Body Polisher. It's soapy and polishes away any nasty dead skin clinging on for no reason. Perfect!!

The Hand Mask - 

I am still getting to know this product. I'ts unlike anything I've tried before. It's almost like the cream version of a waster-less hand cleanser. You know, like the ones you buy at clicks. It absorbs in like three seconds which totally messes with my mind. Usually you fight with creams, and skin, for up to 15 min before it completely absorbs. I guess this 'deep moisturises' your skin, giving it a jolt of moisture. I like it!

The Hand and Nail Cream -

This is a very simple cream that does what it needs to. It smells fresh and it is perfect to keep in your draw at work. 

I am really impressed with this fresh approach to skin care from The Beauty Factory. It's good to see that the technological advances has not affected their products. This balances nicely with the great brands who do use the new technological advances. The best of both worlds which you get to choose from. If it's plain, clean fun you're looking for then The Beauty Factory has something for you.

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