Monday, 2 September 2013

New to Edgars: Greenland - Treating your senses naturally

The second new and exciting brand to hit Edgars and Red Square stores soon is Greenland. This brand's focus is mainly on bath and body ranges and comes all the way from Holland thanks to its founder Jan-Willem Van Kempen who has been growing the brand since 1990.

Read my post on King and Queens here which is also a new brand to hit your Edgars shelves.

I received two Greenland products in my goodie bag which, after testing, I handed to my sister to enjoy. She was over the moon!

The first is a lip balm from their "Balm and Butter" range. 
Greenland's Pomegranate Lip Balm
I received the delicious pomegranate fruity scent lip balm which smells pretty good. This is an all natural product using only the best organic ingredients. It contains no parabens, no artificial colorants, just natural butters (Shea and Cocoa butter) and essential oils!

The one thing about I am not crazy about when it comes to natural butters is that is it very temperature reliant. In winter the lip balm will be as hard as a rock and you will have to run the balm across your lips a few times before any product transfers onto your skin. The other extreme is if it's hot, the whole thing melts in your hand bag. (this is me being very picky though)

Otherwise, this lip balm felt good on my lips and did its job pretty well.

"The pomegranate is a bomb of nutrition. It contains vitamin B, C, potassium to regulate your heart rate and blood pressure, and antioxidants. Pomegranate has proved to have an antibacterial effect and it also aids digestion." - Source

The second product I received to test out is the Papaya-Lemon hand cream from Greenland's "Fruit Emotions" range.
This hand cream was a dream to apply. It has a slight water-like texture to it which makes it ideal for the warmer months to come our way, where you would prefer not sweating under a thick layer of lotion.

I also love the odd fragrance combinations that they have in their range. This Papaya and Lemon scent was strange but refreshing. The other combinations they have in this range are Grapefruit-Ginger, Mint-Lavender, Coconut-Tangerine and Lime-Vanilla. Their boldness to try scents that could potentially fail terribly, shows that Greenland takes risks to be different and offer a unique product to their consumers.

Downside, their packaging is a little sensitive. I dropped it by accident and it made an awful dent on the side, as if I had just dropped a bowling ball on top of it. If you purchase their products as a gift, please handle with care and wrap them with extra reinforcements.

 Greenland has three more ranges other than the two I mentioned above.

Pure and White

"All pure and White items are natural and organic and contain more than 98% ingredients from their origin". Their unitque scent combinations are Bulgarian Rose & Patchouli, Italian Lime & Vanilla, French Lavendar & Rosemary and Cotton Flower & White Lotus.


"Milky offers natural body care with the benefit of creamy, soft and silky "milks". these milky combinations are Almond milk-Lotus, Coconut Milk-Lime, Yogurt-Cucumber and Rice Milk-Vanilla.

Fruit Exracts

"Greenland Fruit Extracts offers fabulous natural body care with the added pleasure of 100% natural fruit extracts". The fruits available in this range are Apple, Raspberry, Mango and Papaya.

If you think this is a brand worth trying out (which it is) view more by visiting Greenland's website and Facebook page.

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