Thursday, 18 October 2012

GOSH's Infamous Brow Kit

Of all the GOSH products that international bloggers rage about, their Brow Kit is definitely one of the most favoured and I found out why.
Gosh Cosmetics' Brow Kit
If you have been keeping an eye on runway trends as well as the average Jane walking in the street, you would have noticed that fuller eyebrows are way more popular than they were a few years ago. Just by changing the shape or colour of your eye brows, you can achieve a noticable change in you appearance.
The brow kit comes with 3 powder shades and a wax cream.
This brow kit comes with three different shades; light, medium and dark, to make sure they cater for all hair shades. You can wear each shade on its own or use them in conjunction with each other to create different depths to you brows. You also get a very handy wax cream in the kit. This is used for taming any wild strands and lock in the desired shape so that it will last all day long. You can also use this brow kit with Gosh's Defining eye brow gel.

Here is how I tested the Brow kit:
Before: "Shame, that girl needs some brows"
After: "Brows are sisters, not twins!"
I took these images the first time I ever used this brow kit, so since then, I have learnt a few things:

1) The dark shade is a bit harsh for a day look but perfect for a night look so rather opt for a lighter shade if you're a day walker like me.
2) If you have an angled brow brush, outline the shape you want with it first, then go back and fill in with the applicator provided, finishing off with the cream wax or a brow gel.

Overall, I find this brow kit stupidly easy to use and it really does make a difference. My eyes seem way bolder and I have received a few compliments that my makeup looks more "finished-off" *Thanks mom! Blush Blush*

You can pick up this great brow kit at your nearest Edgars and Red Square stores for R155.

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Miss Claira-Bella