Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength Polish

Here is another Sally Hansen nail polish that I received in my Beauty Bulletin hamper.
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Colour in 120 "Diamonds"
This is a very pretty shimmery polish that can easily be worn on it's own or over another polish. This is a very handy colour to have because you can transform any boring nails to an eye catching "diamonds are forever" kind of look.

Gone are the days of only having a day-to-night look for your face. Your nails can now also have a day to night transformation with one coat of this purdy transparent/glitter nail polish. Whoohoo! Bring on the after hour office party!!
I absolutely love, love, love the diamond inspired bottle designs with the added little crystal on the front. Even when I am not wearing the polish, I set the bottle next to my laptop just so I can stare at it's prettiness.

One of the 32 colours from this range that I have my eye on is "Wedding Crashers" which is this beautiful maroon-grape colour. 
Image from kittypolishnbags.wordpress.com
Most of the colours in this range seem to be very wedding orientated with names like "Honeymoon Red", "Save the Date", "Something Blue" and "Together forever" (Just to name a few). I wonder if there is any specific reason that Sally Hansen did this. *Queue Thinking pose*

Here is a little insert in the October Cosmopolitan magazine, on the new polishes.
I have not tested it's staying power yet, but Sally Hansen claims that it protects your nails for up to 10 days with the real micro-diamonds & platinum in each bottle. (I shall update this post ASAP).

I have only seen these pretty polishes in Dis-Chem stores but might also be available at clicks and other major pharmacies. 

Let me know what you think of these beautiful Diamond Strength polishes :)

Miss Claira-Bella



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