Wednesday, 17 October 2012

GOSH's Volume Lip Shine Lip Gloss

Here is a quick review on GOSH's Volume Lip Shine Lip gloss.
GOSH's Volume Lip Shine Lip gloss RSP R120 each.
This 'volume' lip gloss contains MaxiLip which gives you a slightly plump effect without making you lips burn or give you that weird tingly/tickling feeling. It contains Jojoba oil and Shea butter to keep your lips moisturised. I'm also a big fan of the SPF 10 you get in each bottle. Even though it is quite low, it isn't very common to find SPF in lip glosses (well at least not in my lip gloss collection) and are mainly in lip balms and lip butters.

The colour in the pictures above is 01 Soft Coral which is a creamy peachy pink shade. It has enough pigment to be worn alone but is also light enough to be worn over your favourite lipstick, to give a pretty glossy finish.

Unfortunately I didn't really feel the slight "plump-ness" that the gloss claims to give your lips but I was highly impresses at how the gloss stays on your lips. I roughly estimated, you can wear this gloss for at least 2.5 hours (obviously still fading gradually).

I don't encourage public gafoolaling with your boyfriend but if you cannot contain it, then wear this lip gloss because you'll still look gorgeous every time you come up for air. This gloss just does not budge! *Smooch*

The other shades you may find at your nearest GOSH stand, are 02 Cherry Blossom, 03 Tea Rose, 04 Juicy Orange, 05 Red Stiletto, 06 Raspberry Galore, 07 Burgundy and 08 Nude

Thanks so much to GOSH cosmetics for letting me test this beauty out!

Follow GOSH cosmetics on Twitter, visit their website and like their Facebook Page. Don't forget, you can find this great Danish brand at Edgars and Red Square Stores.

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  1. I would love to know what the name of your nail polish in the above photo is 

    1. Hi Chantel. It's Yardley's Stayfast colour chip resistant polish in "Jade". I'm not such a fan of the colour but will hopefuly do a review in the future for you :)


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