Thursday, 8 November 2012

A little 'Essence' of beauty

A lot of beauty bloggers recently received a package from Essence with some new products to test out and tell you lovely ladies about. I was one of the spoiled bloggers and here I am with my honest reviews for their very affordable skin care products.

Starting with my favourite product first, Essence's Pure Skin Natural Cover Moisturizer,
Essence's Pure Skin Natural Cover Moisturzer, RSP R29.95
I guess you could call this a BB cream but it doesn't have as many vitamins or skin benefits. I'm going to rather put it in the 'tinted moisturiser' category. This natural cover moisturiser is designed specifically for skins with "issues". If you have spots, blackheads and any other skin imperfections then this baby is for you! It contains clearderm which is an acne fighting ingredient so you shouldn't have as many breakouts if you use this every day. 

I love how this moisturiser gives a really natural matte finish to the face and is absorbed into the skin really quickly. This is perfect for a relaxed day at home or even a casual day around the office. I have been using this as my foundation and it does a great job. I would have made this product a must-have is if it contained an SPF. 

Next, Essence's My Skin Tinted Moisturizer,
Essence's My Skin Tinted Moisturizer, RSP R29.95
The first thing I noticed when applying this tinted moisturiser is the scent. I love that it has a slight fruity scent that reminds me of cocktails on the beach *Bliss*.

This tinted moisturiser has a little less coverage than the natural cover moisturiser (previous product) but this isn't always a bad thing because you can gradually build your desired coverage. If you want a really natural look than only apply a small amount and if you want more coverage, apply more of the product or do a few layers. Unfortunately it wont cover really bad pigmentation or dark beauty spots/freckles.

This tinted moisturiser also contains cleardem which will help with acne breakouts and stubborn blackheads. It also claims to moisturise your skin for 24 hours which I believe it could (I only wore it for about 8 hours).

I really wish I knew about tinted moisturisers in high school. I had horrible breakouts and imperfections and products like this would have helped a lot!
Just take note that the two products above contain Parabens. I know many ladies are superstitious about the ingredient so take that into consideration when buying these.

Another keeper, Essence's My Skin Cooling Eye Roll-on,
My Skin Cooling Eye Roll-on, RSP R34.95
I really love this cutie pie! It helps take away any puffiness commonly found in tired eyes. It contains cooling hydro gel and cucumber extract to give your skin a quick boost of refreshment. I have gotten into the habit of applying this to my eyes as soon as I wake up in the mornings, before I apply makeup, and it actually works pretty well.

You could get the same results by just rinsing your face with cold water but this is really handy to keep in your cosmetic bag or even in your hand bag. You can apply this over your makeup so if you have a hangover at the office, Essence has you covered ;)

My curious boyfriend applied this as soon as I opened my package and he said he felt a burning sensation. I thought he was just being a ninny but I also felt it every few days/applications. I think that if you apply too much of the product at once, the hydrogel heats up to the same temperature as your skin and that is where you get the "heated feeling". It doesn't leave red marks or anything and it only lasts like 60 seconds, while the gel dries.

A BIG thanks to Essence for letting me test these great products. I have done many reviews on Essence products and the quality you get for your buck exceeds my expectations every time!
I highly recommend trying the products in this post. They are really affordable so you have no excuse ;)

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Got your eye on anything?

Miss Claira-Bella



  1. I am interested in trying out the first two products. I am fond of BB creams and moisturizer. I usually experiences having dry skin so I make sure that I have the best moisturizer. Hope that my skin will love these products.


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