Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Modern Girl Guides

I spotted this website called on twitter and immediately thought "Do girl guides still exist?". Now I was thinking of that community of young girls in uniforms, who learn how to sew, cook, tie ropes, make decoupage'd eggs etc. (which my sister was a member of, about 15 years ago). 

The old Girl Guides
To my surprise this is NOT one of those groups! Instead I came to learn that GirlGuides is a very modern, tech website, with a group of very tech smart ladies who speak about all things technological from a ladies' perspective. Nothing irritates me more than when a man says "You wouldn't understand" when it comes to technology. 

I suggest visiting their site for awesome reviews and advise on anything you may need to know about. I have found many helpful articles and I feel rather empowered knowing more than my boyfriend in some technological departments ;)

Oh and they have a really awesome giveaway with Fujifilm where you could win a pink digital camera in support of breast cancer awareness. Check it out here.
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Sisters are doing it for themselves!  

Miss Claira-Bella


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