Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas Spoils

My family knows that I love The Body Shop which is always a good thing! I was so excited to be given a few Body Shop products as gifts for Christmas!

I unwrapped a very pretty tube of selection shower gels from my mom. I think these mini 60ml bottles are the perfect way to get a little bit of all the best scented gels. It's also a really good idea if you don't know which scent you would like. I have only ever tried the Strawberry scent of this collection so it will be a nice change to get to try different gels.

The second gift, I actually picked myself. My boyfriend is not one to mess around with guessing what I need or like so when doing Christmas shopping for the family, he pulled me into the Body Shop and said "choose!". I needed a new day moisturiser and was tired of the heavy pore blocking lotions I'm used to so I settled for the Aloe Soothing Day Cream which has worked amazingly on my skin so far. I hope to do a full review for you soon.

Thanks to my awesome family for knowing me so well!


  1. The Mango body wash is my favourite. Really love the body scrub in it.

    1. I got the Mango lip butter today and it smells even better than the shower gel. I literally want to eat it!


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