Friday, 3 May 2013

Live Healthy: Update #4

Read my previous update here.

This past week and a half of living healthy have been pretty frikin awesome! My horrid throat infection is gone, I am back to visiting my gym often and I am loving every minute of my workouts! Here are some "check-in" pictures (remember to follow me on Instagram).
Last Thursday's workout with my bright gym bag and healthy 'after gym snacks'
Monday's gym outfit
As you can tell, I'm not one to really dress up for gym. Comfy gym pants that don't ride up your butt when your run, a strong sports bra to keep them girls stable and a loose shirt to mask your sweat patches. Honestly, that's what I love to wear and all the fashion forward gym bunnies can judge away, I don't care.

I'd love to know what you wear to gym? The whole entourage or your old track-suits that are really only good to wear whilst out gardening?

The two weeks that I was sick gave me time to remember and review my live healthy goals. This is a very imperative step to do throughout any goal. Sometimes you get too overwhelmed by what you want to achieve and you get caught up in the whole process. Taking time out is always a good thing.

Great news is, I'm seeing results! One of my biggest health concerns is my lungs. I had a period of bad asthma as a kid and since then, my lungs have been weak. Running on the treadmill at gym has helped my lungs strengthen. I can now run that 30 seconds longer whereas before I wold almost pass out. I plan to continue helping my lungs strengthen until I can breathe easily during cardio sessions.

I am also starting to be more conscious about what I am feeding my body. As soon as I started doing proper workouts, I felt my dietary needs change and in order for my body to be at its best, I have to pay attention and feed it properly. That's one thing I admire the most about our bodies. If we just pay attention, we'll know what our bodies want and how to take care of it.

That's it for this update. Let me know in the comments below, if you have any questions or tips for me to test out. I love to hear from you!

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