Saturday, 4 May 2013

Ralo Champagne Nail Polish Review

Ralo cosmetics is a fun, innovative brand that produces cosmetics and accessories in South Africa. As far back as I can remember (std 8/grade 10) I purchased basic cosmetics from Ralo, so you can say that our relationship goes quite far back. 

Not being able to wear makeup at school, limited me to beige face powder (to cover oily pubescent skin *gross*), clear nail polish and a light pink lip gloss. After high school I got to play around with Ralo eye shadows and tons of mascara which was exciting but since blogging, I have only purchased nail polishes from Ralo, seeing as there were tons of other brands that I had to be introduced to.

Here is my most recent (about a year ago) purchase from Ralo. A stunning champagne nail polish for 20 bucks!
The Ralo polish in the shade.
The Ralo polish in the sun *So shiiiiny* 
For a 'cheap' polish I really love the colour pay off and durability. I only had to apply two coats to get this sparkly shine and I only had to take the polish off after 5 days.

This is an almost nude champagne shade so I consider it to be an office friendly polish to wear. The colour is number 39 (*sigh* no name, what a bore) but not sure if it's still available seeing as I bought it a while ago.

I have found myself reaching for more nude, gold and brown colours to kick off the wintery vibe.

Look out for Ralo's big comeback as they have just redone their website aaaand opened an online store. Yes please! Check it out here. They literally have every cosmetic and accessory you can think of!

You will definitely hear me talking about Ralo cosmetics again in the near future.