Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Nails Inc - Take 2

After posting my review on Nails Inc's leather effect polish, I received a call from the PR company who explained why I had not received any blogger send-out yet. It was at that moment that I realized, every now and then we need a reminder that we are all just humans and it is impossible to work like machines.

Due to some constraints at the PR company, they had to hand deliver all the blogger send outs themselves. Having to deliver 20 packages to 20 different addresses, as well as still try keep the offices under control and complete their workload, can be horrifically stressful at the least. 

Here are some fantastic Nails Inc products I finally get to brag to you about:

Kensington Caviar Base Coat

Caviar reminds me of three things, the Titanic, giant ball gowns and beautiful crystal chandeliers.  Summed up, utterly indulgent and very classy. Would I want that on my nails? Hells yeah!! 

Base coats are important for improving nail strength, durability of nail polish and helps prevent staining. This base coat did all that and it gave me great protection but it isn't my favourite. I'm just really picky and feel that the 'base-coat-to-nail-polish' strength was stronger than the 'nail-to-base-coat-strength' (I hope that makes sense) which made my polish chip in bigger chunks. I still got a few days from my polish which is all we really need.

"Baker Street"

Over my Kensington caviar base coat, I applied this absolutely gorgeous shade of blue called "Baker Street". I haven't liked a blue this much since Avon's "Arctic Waters". I applied two coats to my nails which did not streak or blotch. This colour makes a big statement because its so bright. It's full of life and simply, puts me in a good mood. A very original shade to welcome to your collection!

Kensington Caviar Top Coat

The Kensington caviar top coat is great! You can see an immediate difference between the two above pictures. This base coat sealed the polish really well and provided fantastic shine that lasted 3-4 days. Again, caviar is indulgent so using the Kensington caviar base and top coat makes a neat little caviar sandwich to compliment your nails.

Vitamin E cuticle oil pen

My new handbag must-have; Nails Inc's vitamin E cuticle oil pen. How pretty is the floral design on the  pen itself? I love the attention to detail and it has the best scent I have ever smelt in a cuticle oil. Haul this out during lunch with your girlfriends and you'll get tons of attention! I encourage all my readers to use cuticle oil. It really helps your nails grow strong and longer!

All these Nails Inc products can be found at selected Red square and Edgars stores for under R200 per item.
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Thanks so much to Nails Inc South Africa for these fantastic products. They really are great!

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