Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Live healthy: Update # 5

I'm going to start this update off by saying you are really awesome for reading my updates! I love the support and I hope you start sharing your live healthy stories with me soon
Missed anything? Read update number 3 and update number 4 to catch up.

Great! Now for some check-in pictures (And yes, there will be some 'skin' progress photo's in the future)
Last Wednesday's gym outfit, weigh-in, breakfast and snack.
Last Friday's blood pressure recordings, gym snacks and gym activities.
Sunday's private studio time, stunning sunset and gym gear.
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This week I reached two big milestones which has made me so proud of how far I have come in such a short space of time. I dropped my body fat percentage by 0.8% and I can now RUN 1.5 min longer on the treadmill before needing a break. These wouldn't seem like big achievements to most people but for someone like me, who is pretty unfit, this is a big deal.

I have a mini gym routine worked out where I do about 25 min cardio, 15 min core and back strengthening, and 15 min messing about and exploring new exercises and machines. This gives me time to work on my biggest problems (my lungs and core strength) and keep reaching my live health goals.

Meal wise, I have not been following any strict diet or watching what I am eating. My main focus is fitness not weight loss so this is not an issue for me right now. However, I have been keeping an eye out on my calorie intake as this will help my gym recovery and make sure I have energy to burn.

I have also been doing research on world move for health day which is this Friday (the 10th May 2013) so I will be dedicating a special post to that this Friday. Keep your eye on my blog!


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