Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Essence All-in-one BB Cream

Lets do a quick head count on the brand-passengers on my BB cream train. So far I have reviewed Garnier's miracle skin perfector BB Cream, Essence's my skin tinted moisturisers (I consider them to be the same as a BB cream) and Ponds' newly released flawless radience BB cream

One guest that I have been wanting on the train ever since I heard about it, is Essence's All-in-one BB cream and I am finally here to welcome it on board with open arms!

Finally, a BB cream that matches my skin tone almost 100%! I don't have to blend out any lines near my jaw line to avoid the dreaded "mask" look. This really made my girl problems better and that's all I really need.

The moisturising properties were really enjoyable. My skin did not feel dry or tight, in fact it gave my skin a slight glow. This is fantastic to liven up dull winter skin but might be a problem on hot summer days. Luckily I don't need to worry about that now and it works just fine!

I am also loving the SPF 30 in each tube of Essence All-in-one BB bream. Don't forget that even though it's cold, the sun can damage your skin and give you horrible dark sun spots. I honestly don't think I would buy a BB cream if it didn't have an SPF. *High-five to Essence*

More awesome news? This is the cheapest BB cream you'll find on the shelves right now. Retail price is only R54.95 for a 30ml tube. Yes please!

One major downer is that it smells terrible. The Essence All-in-one BB cream is oil and perfume free which is fantastic for your skin but can be rather grotesque once it's applied and it's stuck to your nostril area. This scent (or lack thereof) does fade within like 30min but might be too much for some ladies to initially overcome.

This is a great BB cream because the quality you get for the amount that you pay, is totally worth it. 

Thanks so much to Essence for sending this BB cream my way. I am so glad that I get to use it on a daily basis. Follow Essence on Twitter and like their Facebook page to keep up with their fab products and new releases!