Friday, 19 April 2013

PONDS BB Cream Review

As you saw last week, I recently attended the launch of PONDS' BB cream and "Best of both worlds" campaign. If you missed it then check it out by clicking here.

Here I am to give a review of the actual BB cream!

The BB cream only comes in two shades, Beige and Chocolate, but these colours are quite generalised. If you have fair skin like me then you only apply a small amount and blend the shade out. If your skin is more tanned then you can layer the cream on until you get the desired shade!

Finally, a BB cream for darker ladies specifically designed for African skin by South Africans in South Africa. The chocolate shade can be blended out just like the beige, so it can cater for all darker skin shades. Of you are a little bit in between, you can mix the two shades together to get to a desired colour. 

Both shades separately and mixed together

This BB cream has an extreme amount of durability. It sticks to the skin so beautifully without making your skin feel like its wrapped in cling wrap, it lasts the whole day without sweating off or going cakey and it provides endless moisture! Definitely a change from other BB reams I have tried.

There is a reasonable SPF of 30 in each tube which will protect you from harmful UV rays. However, this does not give you permission to doll yourself up and attend a pool party where you lie in the sun all day. You still need to be sun-smart!

The PONDS BB cream retails for about 80 something rand (totally drew a blank right now) for a 25ml tube. I though this was quite affordable seeing at most other BB creams on the shelves retail for about the same price. I dug a bit further and saw that the other BB brands have 50ml tubes meaning PONDS charges the same price but gives you 50% less. Very sneaky. 

Due to the higher quality, you apply alot less product for the same effect so this price per ml thing is just being really picky. Definitely something to consider when browsing for your BB cream.

This BB cream worked way better with my skin than others I have tried (namely Garnier's BB cream) and I would love to repurchase it in the future.

Thanks again to PONDS and their fantastic PR team for inviting me to the event!

Miss Claira-Bella


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