Monday, 8 April 2013

Getting Leather-ed Up with Nails Inc.

Since pledging with LadyBloggers, to give honest reviews (not that my posts haven't been honest this whole time), I have decided to add my own "transparency" principal to all future posts. I want you to know exactly how my blog is run and exactly how I feel about the content I share with you on a daily basis, starting with the review titled above.

As a beauty blogger, I get sent some pretty awesome products to put in my interrogation chair, shine my huge spotlight in their faces and grill them till they sweat! After that painfully dirty process, I put all the info I sucked out of them, into a pretty blog post and report back to you.

Not having a degree in creative writing, a three year PR internship to my name or a best friend in the cosmetic industry, I miss out on a lot of press packs and blogger send outs. I wont lie and say it doesn't bother me because it really does. It's my party and I can cry if I want to!!!

After moping, I remember the amazing brands that have sent me fabulous products, invited me to their mind blowing events and have supported my blog throughout its first year of life on the inter-web  They are absolute angels and I would not have come this far without them (We'll save that speech for another time though).

My point and relevance to the title? I didn't make it onto Nails Inc's product send-out list, which smashed my heart into pieces. I am a nail fanatic and I couldn't be apart of an amazing International brands' welcome to South Africa.

I built a bridge and got over it and for a while I had completely forgotten about the brands' trek to SA. A few weeks ago I went shopping at Red Square and immediately went to the GOSH stand to see if they had the colour of nail polish I had seen online. They didn't have stock so I ended up just browsing and that is when I spotted Nails Inc.

All the products were placed on a plain shelf without any banners or signage and there was like zero order to the colours of polish. Another thing that peeved me off was the fact that there were no price labels on any of the product so I kept running up and down to the counter to ask how much each thing cost (I had a gift card so I had to stick to a budget). Eventually I was tired of asking and decided to buy their leather polish in nude because I didn't have a polish like that in my collection.

Better pictures will be posted soon!
The "leather" polish applies as a normal gloss layer and once it dries it turns into a leather-like texture. I only had to apply one thick layer and drying time was relatively fast. To get the best textured effect, it is suggested that you do not apply a top coat. If you are worried about durability of the polish I would suggest using a decent base coat to anchor the polish nicely. I used a base coat by Zoya and my leather mani lasted a good four days before I took it off.

My thoughts on the actual texture and likability is still pretty indecisive. You can definitely see the leather-like texture but only up close. From far away it like regular polish, nothing fancy at all.

My reviews are also based on how people react and what they say. Not one of my friends or family commented on the colour or the leather effect. At one point I actually went around the office, throwing my hands in front of my colleagues' faces to find out what they thought.
This polish does not make a statement and I was the only one who really appreciated its leather-like effect.

Taking all the facts above into consideration, I still like this new polish. This may be because it's a new toy to play with or my nail fanatic-ness has consumed my judgments. I can see myself applying this throughout winter. I am even considering purchasing the black bottle as well. Love is better than like so my feelings are still pretty "bleh".

I was taken by their cupcakes & sprinkles inspired polish as well as their feather effect polish (which wasn't in stock but I spotted it online)

At a heavy price of R129 for a 10ml bottle, you should choose wisely before making your way to the payment counter.

Nails Inc,  you have not quite wormed your way into my heart but cuddles and marshmallows by the fireplace are on the card for us.

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Miss Claira-Bella



  1. Love this completely honest and helpful review. Keep them coming :) xx

  2. I was also annoyed that there was no organization to the nails inc counter at Red Square, and no prices on the shelves! :( Such a great review!

  3. Great post and I have to agree with you on that "missing out on press packs and blogger send outs". It does suck when other bloggers get stuff to try out and you don't. But yes, the stuff we do get to try out is amazing! :)

  4. Thank you for this review....and more so for being honest :-) Keep it up


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